My Renault. Everything an owner needs to know about their car. At their fingertips!

MakoLab created an application that takes using a Renault car to the next level, making it simple and enjoyable. With just a few clicks, Renault owners can download the app and access information on all the key aspects of their vehicle’s life cycle.
The My Renault mobile customer portal was designed by MakoLab as an intuitive application that helps to forge and intensify the bond between car owners and their Renaults throughout the vehicle’s life cycle.
Mobile app
User design
We created an application that enhances using a Renault vehicle, making it a simple and enjoyable experience.


The goal
Our client, Renault, required a mobile customer portal that would boost customer retention, intensify loyalty and increase after-sales business.
The solution
A user-friendly app for Renault owners. It assists and guides them through the life cycle of their vehicle, utilising the online channel to point them towards service centres with personalised offers. On top of that – provides value measures of digital contribution for its digital contribution to the business.
Key results
Project highlights:
  • +226% after-sales leads following the launch of the app in 2016
  • +84% workshop entries via the online channel
  • +240% My Renault special offer vouchers redeemed