Door Bell. Smart car-to-home integration

A PoC for a smart home system connecting directly with the householder’s car
Door Bell is a commercial integration for a smart home system, connecting it with the user’s car. Smart doorbells are part of the system. MakoLab set up and carried out a cost-effective PoC designed to evaluate the usefulness of the project quickly and efficiently.
We set up a Proof of Concept (POC) at the conceptual stage in order to evaluate the usefulness of a Smart Home system project.


The challenge

Door Bell was conceived to work on the basis of the car’s communication with the gate or door to the user’s home and integrate with a smart home system. With the user’s vehicle operating like a virtual key which opens up access to their home, there is no need for them to be present. They can let their children into the home or a courier onto their property while they themselves are at work, for example.

The challenge presented by the Door Bell project was to integrate a smart home system, the doorbell and a car system while simultaneously ensuring high-level security.

The goal

Our objective was to create a PoC which would serve as a decision-making tool by rapidly providing the data needed for evaluating Door Bell and confirming whether it was viable for integration with the smart home system.

The solution

We set up a project team consisting of experts whose skills were an ideal match for the project requirements. Frequent discussions with the client were integral to every stage of the project. A car was made available, along with the full environment necessary to facilitate integration with the smart home system.

In order to create a solution which could also be integrated with the car system, we established collaboration with the smart home system manufacturer.

The three fundamental elements were: 

  • a system that is intuitive to use;
  • video streaming;
  • audio streaming.

As required, the components enabled opening, viewing and two-way conversation.

Key results
  • The process was set up rapidly
  • All the constituent parts of the project worked
  • The car and the existing smart home system were successfully integrated
  • Door Bell was proved to function as anticipated
  • The goal of the POC was achieved