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Corporate Social Responsibility
We operate in full awareness of the fact that our business decisions have a real impact on the world around us. Concern for our local community and the natural environment is inherent to our daily activity and we also lavish a great deal of thought on our staff. After all, CSR has many faces!
MakoLab. Working for Łódź
Our city is dear to our hearts. We care about it, contribute whatever we can to its systematic development and are always happy to join prosocial initiatives launched by the local authorities and NGOs. One example is the ‘Green Łódź’ project, where companies in the Łódź fund the establishment of oases of greenery in the city’s squares.
When we were hunting for a new HQ a few years ago, we were determined to select a place that accorded with our values. The office facility at ulica Ogrodowa 8 was designed to incorporate state-of-the-art construction technologies in line with the principles of green building and sustainable development. This is attested to by the BREEAM certificate awarded to it. These certificates are only awarded to buildings where modernity and the highest levels of comfort go hand in hand with effective care for the natural environment We have the use of electric vehicle charging stations and parking for 150 bicycles, along with changing rooms and showers. Our hot water is warmed by heat recovered from the server room and, as far as possible, the water we use is rainwater! Energy efficiency is another of the many environmentally friendly features. At MakoLab, segregating waste is second nature to us and we never print anything out without first considering if we really need to.
We love taking action and we love to help. For years now, we have been involved in a nationwide Christmas effort, Noble Gift. We ran a ‘Give a computer a new lease of life’ campaign, collecting equipment for children whose lack of a computer meant they had difficulty accessing their lessons and schoolwork during the pandemic. We are involved in assisting Fundacja Dom w Łodzi, a charitable foundation running a children’s home. We have held an auction to raise money for the foundation and creating Christmas cards which helped to spread the idea of donating to it. We are also helping our friends in Ukraine, both on our own initiative and by joining larger campaigns. It may be just a drop in the ocean of need, but we believe we’re on the right track.
MakoLab also stands for constant improvement!
Transparency is inherent to all our operations and we are happy to be verified and prove that our commitment to CSR is never just for show! The annual CSR audits carried out by Ecovadis, one of the world’s most trusted business sustainability ratings providers, are just one example. The 2021 evaluation placed us among the top 11% of companies in the computer programming, consultancy and related activities category. The requirements are numerous, but we succeeded in obtaining 60 points out of 100, putting us in the 83rd percentile.
We never stop striving for the highest possible standards of working culture, in line with global norms.
We play fair in all things. People have always been the heart of our activities. Not for nothing is our mantra ‘User-inspired solutions’! Our staff are our core and their training is one of the fields we firmly emphasise. In 2021, 258 of our staff spent 4,008 hours improving their skills and qualifications.
We chose a building with a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’ as our HQ and our daily working practices are always geared towards protecting the environment. Our commitment to waste management and saving on printing are just two examples of this, as is our engagement with expanding our city’s green spaces.
We fight against fraud and one of the certificates we hold is the ISO 27001, which confirms that our information security management system meets international standards. We also operate in line with our conflict of interest and anti-corruption policies and our comprehensive approach to ethical issues.
When it comes to establishing a relationship with suppliers, one thing we check is that their operations comply with the concept of CSR. Their respect for human rights, active concern for the environment and awareness of the impact of their activities are crucially important to us.
Wykres 1 Overall 2023
"We have a few months of even more intensive effort than usual ahead of us. We certainly believe that this time, we, the MakoLabbers, will end up with an Ecovadis gold!"
Martin Kanaan
Head of Marketing and Business Development
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