Adapt to the Omnibus Directive in one easy step! Download MakoLab’s plug-in for Shopware 6

When 2023 arrived, it brought new obligations for online stores, as set out in the EU’s Omnibus Directive. The new regulations require e-shops to display the lowest price charged for a product over the previous thirty days alongside its current price. One of the purposes of the directive is to prevent dishonest practices involving artificially raising prices before launching special offers.

With the advent of the directive, MakoLab’s certified developers have created a proprietary plug-in, Omnibus – Lowest Price, which is designed for online stores built on the Shopware 6 platform. When a product is displayed, the plug-in automatically adds the lowest price charged for it over the previous thirty days or more. Omnibus – Lowest Price is available from Shopware Store and it simply needs downloading and installing.
Since Shopware Store currently features two Omnibus-related plug-ins for Shopware 6 shops, we are providing a brief outline of the strengths that make ours distinctive.
In addition to adding the lowest price, the MakoLab plug-in:

  • allows you to set the time frame you want the lowest price to be selected from. Under the new regulations, online stores are obliged to display the lowest product price from the previous thirty days. However, with MakoLab’s Omnibus – Lowest Price plug-in, you can set different time frames. If you want to provide your customers with the lowest price over the past two months, for instance, only our plug-in will let you do that;
  • works with any selected currency;
  • enables you to review and edit a product’s pricing history. Pricing histories are only visible on the administrator’s panel. Using MakoLab’s plug-in, you can check the basis for the calculations of lowest product prices. Should a data entry error occur, the wrong price can be edited and deleted.

And there’s more!

  • MakoLab’s Omnibus – Lowest Price plug-in requires no additional configuration. Just download it and install it;
  • the plug-in autonomously checks the lowest price for the thirty-day period and adds it below the current price, relieving you of any additional work;
  • three languages are supported (EN, DE and PL).

Shopware Store also offers other plug-ins by MakoLab. Watch this space, because news of them all will be coming shortly!
We are constantly working on more solutions for every e-commerce organisation in the Shopware 6 community. We tackle the creation and development of one-off, customised functionalities on a daily basis, so if you need a unique plug-in for your online store, we will take on the challenge of producing it!

5th April 2023
2 min. read

Aleksandra Wesołowska

Marketing Specialist

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