Cultural diversity in IT project management

We have gone back to organising webinars that are open to all comers. Anybody interested in taking part is very welcome! Our first event was followed by more than 250 people, with 108 registering to attend. Now for the burning question. What was the focal topic of our April session? Read on to find out…

Radosław ‘Radek’ Urbaniak took to the virtual stage. Radek is a MakoLab project manager and he has been running projects for clients in the automotive industry for two years now. He talked to his webinar audience about the pluses of working in an international community and about why it is essential to beware of stereotypes. Like all the best teachers, he was open about admitting his own mistakes and emphasised the value of the lessons he learned from them.
At the bottom of this article is a link to the recording of the webinar, where you can enjoy what Radek had to say about:

  • cultural concepts, values and attitudes;
  • stereotypes in business;
  • a case study on the differences in running projects in Sweden and Italy;
  • communication as a pillar of success in business.

You can also soak up his excellent advice for project managers.

What I wanted to do during the webinar was pass on my insights about running projects in different cultures. It seemed to me that, having run projects for more than nineteen countries, my experience and observations would be useful to future project managers and people who have their first experiences under their belts. I served up some case studies and presented the conclusions to be drawn from them. That included projects that didn’t work out quite as they should have done. This is one of a range of forms for promoting MakoLab to the wider world and encouraging people to come on board and work with us. It was also another experience for me… and who knows? Maybe it’s the seed that’ll grow into my own podcast channel!
Radosław ‘Radek’ Urbaniak, Project Manager and Webinar Leader

Radek is inarguably right in saying that the best lessons are real-life examples from the coalface, where the mental shortcuts concerning reality that are rooted in our consciousness come face to face with particular solutions. Even though our minds naturally steer us towards categorisation and assigning people to specific groups, thinking outside the box and opening up to the world around us is often the best answer.
If you’re interested in finding out what happened (and what didn’t) with the projects in Italy and Sweden and in exploring just how damaging stereotypes can turn out to be, then there’s only one thing for it… watch the recording of the first webinar in our new series!
Click, and watch now!
We’re getting ready to roll with the next one, which is scheduled for June, so we’ll be sending out more details before too long.

Translated from the Polish by Caryl Swift

15th April 2022
3 min. read

Aleksandra Wesołowska

Marketing Specialist

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