Delivery notification in 10 minutes? Meet GatePass for Amcor

How to improve the time and performance of work with suppliers of packaging components by streamlining the transport notification process? Amcor – a global leader in the development and production of high-quality, eco-friendly packaging – decided to do this by using the GatePass mobile app, designed by MakoLab specialists. Currently, it supports more than 80% of notifications at Amcor and records over 1000 cargoes per month.

The customer wanted to optimise the time and performance of work with suppliers. As a company supplying packaging to many places around the world, Amcor faced many challenges, such as improving the reception services by reducing the number of errors (e.g. cars brought not in accordance with notification), downtime, etc. and full use of resources (including ramps, docks, parking spaces, etc.).
Previously, notifications were made by e-mail and involved multiple people - on the side of the customer, the transport company and the manufacturer. Registration of notifications, entering and unloading or loading of cargo and closing of notifications – all these were also recorded by e-mail or in writing. This made operations rather inflexible - they took much more time and involved many people.
Amcor decided to use new technologies to improve and simplify their processes. This led to creation of a comprehensive application to automate the entire delivery notification process – including transport notification through an intuitive form, delivery acceptance support, completion of loading and recording of transport departure from the premises. It has many features for efficient and flexible management and monitoring of a huge number of notifications.
Thanks to the app, deliveries are handled more smoothly and the efficiency of warehouses has increased. The app has considerably reduced the time needed for delivery notification and the number of people involved in the process, who previously had to establish the date, place and order of loading/unloading. Now – in a friendly form and with minimum information – notifications are submitted by only one person on the supplier's side. A quicker process and the ability to respond to changes in real time have contributed to the improvement of customer relations by engaging them in a new, improved notification process and by reducing the counterparties’ work required to arrange the notifications of their deliveries.

30th July 2020
2 min. read

Marta Ostrowska

Senior Marketing Specialist

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