Must-have plug-ins for your e-commerce The latest from MakoLab for Shopware 6

Time and again during our work on designing, building and deploying platforms based on Shopware 6, we have dealt with creating and developing customised functionalities. All of our projects and your online stores demand different configurations, which is why we give individual consideration to every business need. MakoLab’s offering includes ready-to-use solutions which will help to streamline sales on your platform. One of the ways that the functions and potential of shops built on Shopware 6 can be developed is with the custom-designed plug-ins created by our developers.
This article presents our two latest proprietary plug-ins. They are both available, ready to download and install, from Shopware Store.

Special offers on the cheapest items in a cart

This plug-in is perfect when you are planning promotional offers for your store, especially to mark special occasions like major public festivals or Black Friday, for instance.
Our solution enables you to set up a special offer for the cheapest products in a cart on the basis of either everything in the cart or the number of items it contains. In addition, it allows you to set the duration of the special offer and both minimum and maximum prices for the products included in the campaign.
With the plug-in for special offers on the cheapest items in a cart, you can:

  • establish special offers on the cheapest items in a cart;
  • determine the number of products with a discounted price;
  • define the conditions for the special offer cart by either the number of products or their combined value;
  • fix the duration of the special offer by setting the start and finish dates.

Google Search Indexer

This plug-in is designed to send a request to the Google API as soon as you add a new product and/or new category to your online store.
What is the advantage of this? It means that your shop will be indexed by the Google search engine much quicker. It is worth remembering that, without indexing on Google, there is little point in discussing further steps such as effective positioning which will translate into more traffic and sales for your store.
Both plug-ins are available in three languages; Polish, English and German.
One vital aspect of creating an e-commerce platform is understanding the client’s needs and requirements at every stage of the project, from conception, via analysis and design, right up to the deployment and launch of the shop. Using the Shopware 6 platform, we will design and build you an online store which is fully adapted to the demands of a given market. And remember… after deployment, we offer a full range of technical support.
If your shop requires a unique plug-in, then our developers will design one for you. Just contact us and tell us about your business needs.

21st April 2023
2 min. read

Aleksandra Wesołowska

Marketing Specialist


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