Why intelligence amplified?

This article looks at the MakoLab concept of ‘Intelligence Amplified’ and the essential role of the human factor in AI and modern IT services.


One of the most crucial questions relating to the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and modern IT services is this; what is the role of the human factor? Human qualities extend well beyond intelligence conceived of as the capabilities of logical thinking and information processing. Our creativity, intuition and insight, all of them grounded in human consciousness, remain unparalleled. No automated reasoner, statistical language model or machine learning can reproduce them. None of the existing AI models have come anywhere close to replicating human intelligence when it comes to the creative contemplation of problems and our abilities to solve them.

The Limitations of AI

The AI models might be sophisticated, but in terms of mirroring human creative thinking when tackling complex issues, designing large-scale systems architecture or crafting extensive IT solutions, they fail to come up to the mark. In our sector, though, advancements in AI are greeted with both optimism and concern. A great many industry professionals fear that AI will displace developers. Meanwhile, numerous clients are anticipating significant, AI-driven reductions in system maintenance costs. Neither of these assumptions holds true from start to finish. On the contrary; recognising the unique strengths of human intelligence is absolutely crucial.
At this point, enter our contribution to this discussion; the MakoLab concept of ‘Intelligence Amplified’.

Introducing Intelligence Amplified

Our vision for integrating AI into the IT toolkit is rooted in a fundamental principle; we use AI as a tool to amplify our ability to develop software packages and systems and not to replace us. This core thinking is no mere slogan. It is a tangible approach to heightening our capacity to create IT solutions.

Intelligence amplified is not about replacing the ingenuity of the human mind. It’s about enhancing it. AI empowers us to dream bigger, think wider and create at a scale we’ve never imagined before. At the same time, what remains at the heart of innovation is our creativity, intuition and insight... in other words, the essence of humanity.
Mirek Sopek, PhD, founder of MakoLab

Elevating IT Solutions with AI

AI allows us to revisit early ideas of meta-programming and perceive them in a new light. Operating at this elevated level implies addressing IT problems more generally. By leveraging AI to handle the minutiae of code creation, we can significantly expedite software development. However, the key lies in applying human creativity, intuition and insight at this higher level of creation.

Lessons from history

The evolution of computer science holds plenty of historical parallels. Recalling the revolutionary shift from the assembly languages of the early days to the high level counterparts which supplanted them, we can see that, today, we are at the cusp of a similar transformation. Just as the high-level programming languages were aligned more closely with human language, so AI is offering a similar paradigm shift today, enabling us to use our natural language to specify the code that needs to be written.

The Human Factor and AI

Even so, just as mastering high-level languages was imperative in the past, so retaining human control over AI-driven solutions remains vital now. The human factor in AI is not about replacement, but about elevating our intelligence to a superior level as far as crafting IT systems and digital services is concerned. It is a fusion of human ingenuity and AI capabilities which is propelling us forward in the evolving world of IT.

The Essence of Intelligence Amplified

MakoLab’s concept of intelligence amplified represents a profound shift. It is an approach which harmonises human intelligence and AI capabilities. It empowers us to revisit fundamental concepts and allows us to take a broader, more universal approach as we address IT challenges. The pure essence of intelligence amplified lies in the ability we have to delegate routine tasks to AI, freeing us to focus on creative, high-level problem-solving.
Intelligence amplified is the very core of this approach. It heightens our human intelligence as we craft IT systems and digital services. It is the synergy between human intellect and AI capabilities. As such, it fuels the innovation, efficacy, efficiency and excellence of MakoLab’s IT solutions.


As we navigate the constantly changing landscape of AI and IT services, the absolute importance of the human factor simply cannot be overstated. Intelligence amplified is not a replacement for human capabilities, but a means of enhancing them. It stands for a harmonious partnership between human ingenuity and AI prowess, taking us forward into a future where technology and the human mind work together for the benefit of us all.

9th October 2023
4 min. read

Martin Kanaan

Head of Marketing and Business Development


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