MakoLab - Digital Solutions Agency - is the single point for digital transformation delivering projects for global companies and the biggest Polish institutions. Company's offer includes communication and sales platforms: websites, ecommerce, business systems, mobile applications, Data and Semantics services combined with creation and multimedia, user experience, e-marketing and web analytics. MakoLab dedicated solutions for Automotive, Real Estate or Finance and Insurance have been implemented in more than 70 countries all over the world.


We select the best technologies available, apply the unique competences and marketing experience, as well as bring innovation and creativity to the design of optimised Internet solutions dedicated to realizing the business goals of our clients.

Where do we operate?

Our solutions are present worldwide, with direct deployments conducted by our specialists in over 70 countries. The company’s headquarters, development center and data center are located in Łódź. We have offices in Paris and London operating as MakoLab UK Ltd since 2014. Since 2016, we have also conducted business via our subsidiary in Gainseville, Florida (MakoLab USA, Inc.).

For whom do we work?

We work for the biggest global corporations as well as smaller local entities. Our solutions can be dedicated both for centralized management and adjusted to specific needs of local sites. Our offer can be applied to any business sector; however, we are vastly experienced in Automotive, Finance, Insurance, Commercial Real Estate and Tourism. The portfolio of our clients includes such names as Renault-Nissan Alliance, Toyota Europe, PZU Lithuania, mBank, Nusil, CH PTAK (Europe’s biggest Retail Trade Centre), Dr Irena Eris, ScooterKingZ or Trade and Travel Company.

How are we doing?

Since its founding, the company has been growing at a consistent pace. Because we are a public entity, our finances are transparent and freely accessible. Our revenue in 2015 equalled 21,8 mln PLN, 81% of which originated from exporting our services. We are one of Poland’s largest independent digital agencies.

Who works at MakoLab?

MakoLab is a group of over 170 people, 85% of which are highly skilled specialists – developers, information architects, designers, visual artists, project management experts and database specialists.

With whom do we work?

We cooperate with leaders of the market and employ solutions from the most innovative IT companies. We enjoy official partners status with entities such as Microsoft, Google, Sitecore, Adobe, OXID eSales, PrestaShop and Comarch.

We engage with

We share our knowledge and experience, and take an active role in the creation, development and maintenance of the online market, both in Poland and worldwide. We are proud to be partners and participants of such organizations and association as: IAB Polska, ICT Klaster Polska Centralna, University of Łódź, Łódź University of Technology, PRCH, EDMC and the GAO (Automotive Ontology Working Group).

What are our subjects of innovation

We are among the pioneers and leaders in developing and deploying Semantic Web solutions in Poland, which continues to influence the digital market across multiple fields. Our experts, including the company’s founder Mirosław Sopek, PhD, are involved in many organizations and think-tanks, like the schema.org standard, which establishes the development direction for the modern Web.

We maintain close cooperation with Hepp Research GmbH, represented by Professor Martin Hepp, one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of the Semantic Web and creator of the GoodRelations ontology recognized by Google and major search engine providers. This cooperation has resulted in MakoLab’s “Car” extension for schema.org, officially implemented in schema.org 2.0. Learn more about our innovations.

MakoLab – history in a nutshell
Founding of the company under the name Mako Typesetting – specializing in high-end print and publishing services.
The company is renamed to MakoLab and begins sales operations in the field of scientific applications, as well as other areas of software.
Development operations begin in the field of advanced scientific software. Makolab commences cooperation with HyperCube (Canada/SUA) and  Fujitsu Kyushu System Engineering (Japan).
Internet services enter the company’s offering. Creation of websites, including one of Poland’s first banking portals for Bank PBG.
Beginning of operations of the company’s own Data Center.
Commencement of cooperation with Philips; design of a website for Philips Lighting Poland and creation of MakoCRM – a system for management of international projects and loyalty programs.
Cooperation with Renault begins with creation of Intranet and Extranet solutions for the corporation’s Polish department. In the next few years, websites for Renault Polska (2002), Renault Austria and Renault Switzerland (2004) were developed.
Creation of MakoLab’s original solution RSI-CMS for Renualt, deployed and continuously extended in over 60 countries around the globe. MakoLab’s first ERP-class distributed business system is created for Point-S: MegaSale/MegaManage (later known as Fractus).
Commencement of cooperation with RCI-Banque in the area of financial simulators.
Creation of ColDis, a system supporting management of large shopping centers, deployed to 12 of Poland’s biggest shopping centers managed by Cefic.
Debut on the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw on December 21st, 2007.
Creation of the website for Renault UK with LMT and e-commerce modules, distinguished in the Auto Trader Website Usability Study (part of the renowned Guardian Media Group) as the best website in the automotive industry.
Deployment of MakoLab’s original system Fractus 2.0.
Commencement of cooperation with Hepp Research GmbH in the field of GoodRelatons ontology application in e-commerce, and beginning on extending offering with semantic functionalities.
Partnership with Sitecore and realization of international projects in USA (NuSil) and Lithuania (PZU Lietuva). Founding of the joint venture Chemical Semantics Inc. in Florida (USA).
Commencement of cooperation with Digitas LBI in the project of a global change in identification and online communication methods of brands belonging to Renault-Nissan.
Development and publishing of MakoLab’s “Car” extension for schema.org.
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