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The commercial property management software, by MakoLab

Key strengths

Daily indexation

Rates are indexed to the client’s indicators and are accurate to the day.

Customised reports

Comprehensive reports, tailored to the client’s requirements.

Bespoke documentation flow

Documents are assigned in line with the client’s company structure.


The system’s schematic layout and visual simplicity make ColDis easy to use.


Multiple facilities can be serviced by a number of users.


Floors and buildings can be viewed in the system.

Streamlined property management for increased profitabilityColDis is a centralised platform for managing properties, tenants, finances and maintenance. It increases efficiency, reduces errors and improves the overall tenant experience, resulting in a well-run and more profitable real estate business. A scalable solution, ColDis, encompasses a range of user-friendly property management functions which can be used separately or as a single, robust system.

Composable functions in a comprehensive platform

Lease Management Tool
The ColDis Lease Management Tool is a comprehensive suite of features that simplify a number of processes, such as the creation of lease agreements, tracking and invoicing. The main functionalities include lease area implementation, lease agreement management, revenue reports, registering charges and generators.
Facility Management Tool
The ColDis Facility Management Tool automates the technical maintenance processes for a facility, providing full control over the building. It provides a range of functionalities, including task management, device management, tracking readings and managing maintenance tasks.
Cost Management Tool
The ColDis Cost Management Tool allows you to organise and obtain a full overview of a property’s costs and to manage them by introducing a range of functionalities. They include entering scanned cost invoices, multi-level cost/payment acceptance, imports to, and operations on an individual chart of accounts, budget import and operations (OpEx, CapEx, Marex) for any area, creating budgets based on the previous year’s expenses, with the growth factor, and settling common costs.
Contact Point
The ColDis Contact Point is a platform which provides access to information about payments. It also facilitates communication and the exchange of information by storing and sending invoices to tenants and providing access to historical documents. In addition, it supports the administration of a facility by reporting faults on the relevant plans.

Grow your operations with added value features

The key features prioritised by clients in search of a comprehensive digital property management solution include integration with other systems, scalability, data security, user-friendliness and robust customer support. Software with the capability of managing tenants, maintenance and accounting provides added value and gives a company a competitive edge in the world of commercial property management.

Software functionality

The system is of key importance to the technical and financial management of facilities.

System integration

Integrating with other systems is essential to streamlining processes and reducing data entry.


Scalability is crucial to accommodating the growth of your business, the multiple properties you manage and your tenants.

Customer support

Phone and email support for your clients ensure additional comfort.

Take real estate management to the next level

Property and facility managers

  • streamlined workflows
  • simplification of complex, effortful, time-consuming tasks
  • accurate, detailed financial tracking
  • time and energy freed up for focusing on other important aspects of the business

Leasing managers

  • a user-friendly interface
  • strong customer support
  • an improved tenant experience
  • cost reduction and improved efficiency, generating increased profitability

Portfolio managers

  • streamlined management of real estate portfolios
  • increased efficiency and accuracy, thanks to the reduction in potential manual errors
  • an improved tenant experience
  • time and energy freed up for focusing on other important aspects of the business
  • better financial management
  • enhanced maintenance management
  • the solution is scalable to suit small and large estate portfolios
One of our ColDis success stories


A commercial project developer managing a portfolio of real estate properties, Vastint operates as part of INTER IKEA GROUP. The company has been a presence on the Polish market since the early nineteen nineties.

ColDis for Vastint:

  • 300k m2 GLA
  • multiple tenancy contract types
  • 10+ commercial properties encompassing office buildings with retail facilities, hotels, business parks and gardens
  • ColDis integrated with the Xpertis Macrologic accounting system

The full system was deployed within 9 months.

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Over 20 years’ experience in the real estate sector

Our team of real estate experts is immersed in property management mechanisms and processes. Our proprietary solution, ColDis, has demonstrated its efficiency as a tool for managing large property and tenant portfolios for major international companies in the commercial real estate sector.

Customisable to suit our clients’ needs

ColDis offers a wide range of customisation options, enabling us to fulfil your particular specifications, such as tailored algorithms for charge calculation, bespoke reports and accounting posts, dictionaries covering a number of areas, including payment methods, charge names, task priorities and much more.

Compliant with European law and accounting standards

ColDis meets European legal and accounting standards, which is crucial for clients operating within the European Union or planning to expand into Europe.

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