MakoLab and ICT Poland Central Cluster invite you to the panel Transformation is not a choice held on the European Economic Forum

MakoLab and ICT Poland Central Cluster invite you to participate in the panel Transformation is not a choice. The impact of digital transformation on business, which is held on the second day of the European Economic Forum. The panel is featured by Stéphane Antiga, the Polish national volleyball team manager.

The meeting is focused on the impact of technology on business and customer relations. The digitalization of business has ceased to be an opportunity to build competitive advantage and has become a necessity to function in a rapidly changing business environment. Constant investment in digital transformation is becoming the core of long-term business strategies for most major companies. Transformation affects all areas and sectors of the economy and we can see the effects of the changes all around us.


Agile Banking - Piotr Kania - GFT Poland

From Business Transformation to Business Reinvention - Maciej Kulbat - Infosys

Poland Customer Experience - the Key to Digital Transformation - Michał Hertel - MakoLab

Emerging Technologies - Marek Gajowniczek - CERI International

Tech and Transformation in Sports - Stephane Antiga

IX European Economic Forum takes place on 14-15th November, 2016 in Lodz. The theme of this year's edition is the "Enterprising Europe - opportunities, challenges and threats."

There is no admission to the panel, yet registration is required on or on-site during the Forum.

More information on the forum can be found HERE.

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