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A New Service for Gjensidige

Wednesday, 2nd June, 2021
Leading Scandinavian insurance group Gjensidige, a long-term client of MakoLab, is introducing a new insurance product for Lithuanian bank Luminor.
Gjensidige is an organisation with a venerable tradition, having been present on the market for more than two centuries. It has been collaborating with MakoLab since 2015, implementing products for the Baltic states.
We’ve introduced a new Gjensidige product for customers of Luminor Bank in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. It offers the option of insuring a mortgage or consumer credit against job loss or health problems.
Michał Grzywacz, Senior .NET Developer
The insurance can be purchased after logging in to the bank’s customer panel. This meant that the tool had to be integrated with external systems. In addition, the interface is underpinned by four web services which are the calculation engines for the insurance terms and conditions.

The first project carried out by MakoLab for Gjensidige was the extension of an insurance platform for the bank’s customers in three countries. We built a comprehensive, client-oriented sales platform offering a wide range of insurance products available for purchase online in less than three minutes.

For more about that solution, visit Gjensidige Case Study.

Michał Hertel
Michał Hertel
Head of Communication & Business Development

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