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MakoLab grows during a year filled with challenges

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021
On 12th February 2021, MakoLab S.A. presented its results for the fourth quarter of 2020. The most crucial information is the continuation of the growth trend observed for several years now. Revenue rose by 12% year-on-year, attaining a value of PLN 48 million 609 thousand. The export of services, which is the company’s main driving force and accounts for 79% of its revenue rose by 16%. This was achieved in a year that was dominated by the pandemic and immensely difficult for the entire global economy. 2020 was also a period of challenges, with the company forced to reshape the way it organises its work and adapt to the new business conditions under which its clients are operating.
MakoLab S.A.’s report for the fourth quarter of 2020 conveys plenty of positive information. Despite the crisis caused by the pandemic, sales totalled PLN 48 million 609 thousand, an increase of 12% on the PLN 43 million 430 thousand obtained in 2019. The company also recorded a net profit of PLN 4 million, 790 thousand, very close to the previous year’s record sum and representing a rise of 1%.

Expanding sales in the automotive and financial sectors, both of which are pivotal to MakoLab, are primarily responsible for the growth. The company is continuing its cutting-edge work on solutions for connected vehicles and for banks and institutions involved in financing vehicle purchases. Even though those sectors were seriously affected by the crisis, this had no negative impact on the inflow of orders to MakoLab.
2020 was a time of trial. Apart from the obvious consequences of the crisis, our relationships with our clients were also put to the test. In spite of the uncertainty and search to make savings, the projects commissioned from us by our key partners continued and were quite often broadened. This confirms two important facts for us. First, the projects we carry out for our clients are essential to their growth and, in spite of the difficult times, are not being subjected to reductions. Second, in a situation where there’s a great deal of caution about both investing and selecting partners, our clients continue to choose us, knowing that we’ll provide the solutions as agreed. This reaffirms the fact that our strategy for building long-lasting relationships with our clients on the basis of trust is the right one.
As Wojciech Zieliński, President of MakoLab S.A.’s Board of Management, puts it.
The economic crisis of 2020 gave the company no cause to hold back on its plans for growth. In response to the requirements of clients in the DACH region and the rising number of projects carried out in Germany, MakoLab Deutschland GmbH was set up, with its head office in Munich. As a result, the company is now able to provide clients with a significantly better service and to react to emerging business opportunities in compelling fields.

Another important event came at the end of the year with the establishment of MakoLab Consulting Sp. z o.o. Set up by MakoLab and Robert Sendacki, a consultant with a wealth of experience in carrying out consultancy projects for financial and manufacturing institutions, the new organisation is tasked with bringing business benefits by making the most of the knowledge and experience MakoLab has gained, and continues to gain, in its R&D work. It offers consultancy services in connection with managing extensive accumulations of data, process optimisation, strategic management and change management. MakoLab is counting on the synergy effect resulting from combining the new company’s consultancy with the IT services which it will give rise to.
The services MakoLab offers in connection with creating software is primarily intended to enable our clients to achieve their business goals. For quite some time now, when we’ve been talking to them, we’ve encountered questions and expectations of support concerning the use of technology when defining those goals and directions of growth. On the one hand, that’s an honour for us. On the other hand, it makes organising our knowledge and experience and enhancing our skills a must. We established MakoLab Consulting in order to concentrate on that and respond appropriately to new chances as they begin to take shape.
Wojciech Zieliński provides some details.
In looking at MakoLab’s positive end to 2020, something that must be emphasised is the role of its staff in obtaining those results. It was a year when the management team played a vital part as the company’s rapid response force, forging its adaptation to working under the conditions imposed by the pandemic.
I always emphasise MakoLab staff’s high skill levels and contribution to the results we attain. The true, collective hero of 2020 is our management team. Without the full commitment of our managers, the extremely effective shift to working from home, the maintenance of our staff’s morale and the fast reaction to new problems, it’s hard to imagine that we’d have brought all our projects in on time and with no detriment to quality. Of course, our previously developed procedures played their part, but it was the managers who implemented them and, above all, responded when life went beyond the scenarios that had been envisaged. I’d like to thank and congratulate everyone. It’s a pleasure to work with a team of this calibre.
Wojciech Zieliński is unstinting in his praise.
For anyone interested in the company’s report for the fourth quarter, with detailed commentary on the results, it can be found at:
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