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Renewed TISAX® certification for MakoLab.

Our reliability is reconfirmed!
We have passed through a Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX®) audit and are proud of the results. Receiving TISAX® certification underscores the value of our services and verifies MakoLab’s status as a reliable business partner on the automotive market.
TISAX® is the standard for the automotive industry, which is one of the most complex economic sectors, not only requiring the participation of numerous entities, but also generating enormous quantities of data. The effective protection of know-how, be it innovative solutions, prototype designs or details of technological processes, to name but a few, can play a major part in a given manufacturer’s success. Information security has thus become an area that the sector places particular emphasis on.
MakoLab applied for TISAX certification and obtained it in 2019. It is valid for three years, after which, the entire evaluation process has to be undergone again. It was in March this year that the audit to renew our certification began. Preparing for it and working on it was the responsibility of our Compliance Department. MakoLab News had a couple of questions for the head of the department, Marcin Kowalczyk.
What challenges does the TISAX® audit present?
Keeping it really brief, what we had to do was answer the VDA ISA questionnaire, with its wide range of extremely detailed questions about security and demonstrate that our organisation operates in accordance with the TISAX requirements. We can never forget that implementing TISAX® and retaining it demands solid groundwork and scrupulously maintained documentation.
We’re TISAX®-certified. What does that really mean for MakoLab?
As an organisation which has achieved the requisite TISAX label, MakoLab can make the results of the audit available to selected business partners via the Internet platform managed by the European Network Exchange, or ENX, Association. We ourselves decide who to make it available to and in what area. TISAX® is confirmation of our reliability

TISAX® is a harmonised standard for information security for every participant in the automotive industry supply chain. Established in 2017 by the VDA, it is founded on the existing international ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 standards and it sets out the criteria for maintaining the requisite level of confidentiality while working on confidential information and exchanging that information with business partners.
Wednesday 6th July 2022
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