The Life Insurance Contract Sales System, by MakoLab

LICOSS key strengths


LICOSS is a single-point system for insurance products and contracting management.


LICOSS can function as a single point of contact for all the process actors - agents, underwriters, actuaries, executives and sales managers.


The system generates and exports predefined reports, also possible to be presented in dashboards mode.

Low-cost system distribution

As a web-based solution, LICOSS is easy to distribute and apply within your organisation and for cooperating parties.


The system provides control over such areas as policy application process (errors or misuse) or business logic access.


Our long-term collaboration with a recognised insurance brand translates into 2000+ calculations per month performed with LICOSS.

Streamline and automate your insurance contracting processThe purpose of creating the LICOSS system dedicated to the insurance industry was to eliminate any process barriers that could slow down and discourage a potential client from purchasing life insurance. LICOSS - Life Insurance Contract Sales System is designed to support insurance agents by covering and automating the entire sales process – from data collection, via multi-stage approval procedures to the end product, a policy.

One modular system to cover the entire process

Sales module
This module enables you to create, modify and manage policies. Like every LICOSS component, data visibility and management capabilities here depend on user roles and permissions.
Policy administration
This module is designed to facilitate the creation, modification and management of policies. Again, data visibility and management capabilities depend on user roles and permissions.
Supporting modules
These modules provide invaluable support in streamlining work processes, cooperation with agents and brokers and provide insightful reporting to measure the effectiveness of your insurance business.

Sales modules

Client identification

This process of registering and verifying data about a potential customer facilitates the identification of adults, children and business entities. Identification can be carried out remotely or directly. To support remote identification, the external system validates the photos of documents and faces which are uploaded. The extensive identification feature also incorporates the collection of marketing consent confirmations, document storage, verification and process tracking via statuses and e-mail notifications.

New applications

An advanced process for creating a new insurance policy, this begins with the identification of the client and the insured. The process makes it possible to perform calculations for defined insurance products. It uses dynamic questionnaires and health surveys, calculating risks and recommendations on that basis. The system generates complete documentation. It also enables a doctor to evaluate the policy and authorised users to correct and modify the risks.

Preliminary proposal

LICOSS allows agents to create an optional proposal based on the system’s recommendations and the products it has to offer. An agent can use the LICOSS built-in calculator to simulate product parameters such as the insured sum and a payment forecast.

Policy administration module

1. Requests

A submodule making it possible to create and process changes to a range of insurance policy parameters, including sums, insured data, early termination and debiting a bank account using external providers.

    2. Indexations

    A submodule facilitating the automatic, yearly generation of proposals containing increased sums and premiums on preferential terms. The proposals are sent to clients by e-mail.

      3. Recommendations

      A submodule for registering lead notifications for individuals and business entities. Enhanced with its own marketing consents submodule, it allows actions to be registered and tracked. It is also possible to link with a task and/or an existing insurance policy and start the identification process.

        4. Bad risks

        This submodule has been designed for risk assessors. It is used to register not only customers and countries, but also consultants when additional risks need to be taken into account and defined.

          5. Claims

          The claims registration submodule enables users to submit a claim against a policy and provides the options of filling in the form directly in the system or sending it to the customer for completion and attachment as a file. The system facilitates the entire claim evaluation, modification and acceptance process.

            Supporting modules

            My Space

            This is a system dashboard which included a contact list, documents, statistics, messages and agent portfolios. All the tools depend on the user’s role in the system.


            This module enables the generation and export of predefined reports, including customer reports and monthly and annual statistics.


            The LICOSS tasks module is designed for system users who are direct employees of an insurance company. It automatically generates tasks for telemarketers on the basis of data from the system, such as late payments, for example. With this submodule, tasks can also be issued manually. Other functions include the generation of reports, the importing and delegation of tasks and the recording and storage of action histories.

            System Messages

            A module for generating, creating and managing information from the system and its users. Notifications are automatically generated for groups or individual users on the basis of actions performed in the system. In addition, notifications based on comments issued by users in various parts of the system can be displayed and messages created by authorised users with strictly defined visibility can be added.

            Consultant Applications

            This module is a tool for conducting the process of taking on a new insurance agent or brokerage company.

            Our LICOSS success story

            PZU Lietuva

            A life insurance company whose main shareholder is one of Poland’s oldest and largest insurance groups (PZU Group), consisting of almost thirty entities at home and abroad.

            Our implementation:
            A system which consolidated all the available products into one, multivariant solution and gave the insurance agents additional sales tools, encompassing the entire process:

            • data collection and customer identification
            • carrying out calculations
            • many stages of the confirmation procedures, to the end product, a finalised policy.


            • 1,000 to 2,000+ calculations every month
            • process of entering into a contract is reduced from 15 days to 125 minutes.
            See the

            Let’s talk

            Is your company in need to boost insurance contracting?

            Choose a system with added-value features

            LICOSS is a web-based system
            • easy to distribute
            • a key to reduced training time
            • intuitive, with a simple user interface
            • a rapid route to defining, modifying and redistributing insurance products
            LICOSS is centralised
            • maintaining business rules, sales processes, evaluation and a document repository in one place
            • functioning as a single point of contact for agents, underwriters, actuaries, executives and sales managers
            LICOSS is protective
            • control over the policy application process at every stage, preventing errors and misuse
            • business logic which is hidden from the agents, transferring the existing logic recorded in Excel sheets directly to the system
            • a history of system users’ actions

            Out of the box and much more...

            Perhaps your company structure is non-standard? Or maybe your products are one-of-a-kind and require customised configuration?
            With LICOSS, you will receive not only an out-of-the-box product providing a wealth of features and tools, but also development support from our team of experts, who will help you configure and adapt the product to your unique needs.
            A successful go live is just the beginning. Once your LICOSS is launched, we will stay with you to fine-tune it, ensuring it works for you in every way.

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