MakoLab partners post-graduate FinTech studies

We are unashamedly proud to announce that MakoLab has become a Supporting Partner to a new kind of university course, Studia Podyplomowe FinTech (Post-Graduate FinTech Studies). The first of its kind in Poland, it is a result of close collaboration between the University of Łódź, Invest in Lodz (Central Poland) and the FinTech Central Poland community, where we are an active presence.

Post-Graduate FinTech Studies has been instigated in order to convey knowledge about financial innovations and is designed for anyone interested in the FinTech sector, particularly financiers and IT experts wishing to enhance their digital or financial skills, respectively. The aims of the newly established course include:

  • surveying the broad financial sector in order to familiarise participants with current and upcoming trends connected with digitalisation and digital transformation in Poland and on foreign markets, with a particular focus on the financial innovations sector; teaching the basics of designing products and digital services for the financial market;teaching the basic data analysis techniques and skills necessary for using data in business.

Why did we decide to become a Post-Graduate FinTech Studies Partner?

For more than a decade now, MakoLab has been digitalising financial and insurance products. Our solutions designed for car dealer networks, captive banks and insurers streamline the processes for financing purchases and insuring vehicles on the Internet. We have created applications providing full online services for transport and property insurance and systems which automate the process of selling life insurance. One of the features that clients prize in our solutions is the emphasis we place on user experience, as per our motto, User-Inspired Solutions.

How are we planning to share our knowledge?

Our experts will be running classes on user-centric application design and designing IT systems using UML. In addition, Management Board President, Wojciech Zieliński, is a member of the Programme Committee coordinating the course.
The closing date for applications is 24th September 2023 and the number of places on the course is limited.
For more information, visit STUDIA PODYPLOMOWE FINTECH ( (Polish only)

29th June 2023
2 min. read

Aleksandra Wesołowska

Marketing Specialist


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