A new vice president and CTO for MakoLab S.A.

The Supervisory Board of MakoLab S.A. has appointed Piotr Ignaczak as a new Vice President of the company’s management board, where he will take on the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

On 2nd October 2023, the Supervisory Board of MakoLab S.A. extended the company’s management board by adding Mr Piotr Ignaczak to its number and entrusting him with the function of vice president. The new board member will be supervising the technological sphere as the company’s CTO.

The post of CTO has been vacant since Mirek Sopek left the board. We’re delighted that it’s now been filled, at a time when we’re dealing with the dynamic changes brought about by the development of artificial intelligence and the spread of cloud services. In our opinion, Piotr Ignaczak will be a crucial reinforcement for the team managing the company. We’re counting on his skills and experience in merging the worlds of technology and business. Another significant aspect is the fact that this isn’t his first journey with MakoLab.
Wojciech Zieliński, President of the Management Board, MakoLab S.A.

Piotr Ignaczak began working at MakoLab in 1999, as a member of the team providing telecommunications and hosting services. He served on the MakoLab S.A. Supervisory Board from 2011 to 2021.
He graduated in computer science from the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Łódź University of Technology. In 2015, he obtained the title of Executive MBA from the Warsaw University of Technology’s Business School. Between 2002 and 2007, he worked at what was then Telekomunikacja Polska, now Orange Polska, taking part in projects related to building a data centre in Poland for the Orange Group and IT consolidation for France Telecom Group companies. He took on the position of solutions architect at Cisco Systems in 2007, working with clients in the telecommunication operators and financial sectors. In 2016, he joined NTT, known at the time as Dimension Data, in the role of the business line manager handling the market development of the services and products offered by the company in Poland. He subsequently assumed responsibility for the growth of NTT’s consultancy services in Poland, as well. 2021 saw him move to Accenture, where he joined the Technology Strategy and Advisory team as Enterprise Architecture Manager, running and participating in strategic business and technology transformation projects for clients in the finance, capital markets, automotive and cosmetics sectors.

I’m coming back to MakoLab, where I’m going to want to make the most of the know-how and experience I’ve acquired from the digital transformation projects I’ve been involved in while I was working for technology and consulting companies. The market is seeing a shift away from digitalisation and towards automation. It’s something that’s either already happened or it’s happening and, in the latter case, it’s going to accelerate as artificial intelligence tools become more widespread. It won’t be long before AI’s changing the way that software houses are currently providing their services. This is compelling MakoLab to evolve and I’d like to have a significant impact on that.
Piotr Ignaczak, Vice President and CTO, MakoLab S.A.

This most recent decision brings the number of MakoLab S.A. management board members up to four.

Link to the press release for the stock exchange, as published on the MakoLab website: (Polish only).

3rd October 2023
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Ewelina Buchta

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