Enhancing automotive user experience. Takeaways from CAR.HMI Europe 2023

For the second consecutive year, MakoLab has partnered with CAR.HMI Europe. This exceptional event, which fosters innovation in the realms of business and technology, was held in Berlin in June. Our team was a presence there and gained invaluable insights into the ongoing projects that automotive industry leaders are currently advancing.

Thomas Schardt, the MD of MakoLab Deutschland GmbH, has summed up his key impressions of an action-packed three days, saying:

CAR.HMI provided a dynamic platform for collaboration and fruitful discussions focused on overcoming the challenges that the automotive industry is facing at present. Engaging with our peers and exchanging ideas was certainly a highlight and it empowers us as we continue addressing critical issues. At the same time, the event gave us access to cutting-edge technologies and tools, enabling us to identify innovative opportunities and develop new practical solutions for our clients.

CAR.HMI Europe brought together leading automotive OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to the sector, software vendors and IT companies. The event was primarily centred on advancing human-machine interaction and enhancing automotive user experience. The attendees took part in talks, presentations and discussions, with key topics including subliminal cues for driving behaviour, recognition of a driver’s emotional state, driver engagement and information systems, driver interaction with different automation stages, the readiness of AI for car HMIs, and driver distraction guidelines. The discussions also delved into areas like cloud-based speech interfaces, neuroscience applications, autonomous driving interfaces, HUD and AR concepts, cooperative driving, conversational chatbots and workload modelling.
The event set out to address the challenges faced by the automotive industry and promote the optimisation of interface design and functionality, looking at a range of subjects which included future HMI architecture, new navigation and sound interfaces, flexible designs for future threats and multi-modal input/output systems. The overarching objective is to improve the driving experience and enhance safety by leveraging innovative approaches and technologies. As Thomas Schardt puts it:

The platform offered industry experts an opportunity to exchange ideas, share insights and explore new possibilities for creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces in the automotive sector.

MakoLab has established a solid reputation in the automotive and IT industries, with the field of connected services being one of our areas of expertise. Our successful collaborations with renowned car manufacturers have demonstrated our skills, know-how, creativity and agility in terms of delivering comprehensive solutions across various interfaces, including back-end systems, in-vehicle technologies and mobile applications. Our profound understanding of the sector enables us to provide innovative approaches which empower car manufacturers as they create personalised in-car experiences.
One of the key challenges that the automotive industry is currently confronting is managing human-machine interfaces (HMIs) effectively. HMIs play a crucial role in enhancing driver-vehicle interaction. MakoLab specialises in addressing these complexities by offering custom-designed services which optimise HMI functionality and usability. Bringing our expertise and cutting-edge technologies into play, we enable car manufacturers to create intuitive and seamless interfaces that align with their customers’ unique preferences and requirements.

6th July 2023
3 min. read

Martin Kanaan

Head of Marketing and Business Development

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