MakoLab at the 2022 Adyen Partner Meet-Up

In-person business trips and sectoral meetings are making a comeback after the break brought about by the pandemic. Even though I enjoy the atmosphere at large-scale events like Web Summit in Lisbon, for instance, which attracts fifty thousand visitors, I recently had the immense pleasure of spending an evening with a very much smaller group of people from Poland’s ecommerce community. We met in Warsaw, at the invitation of Robert Stopyra, Partnerships Manager at Adyen.

I think that anyone involved internationally with ecommerce will be very familiar with the Adyen brand as a leading global payments operator with the status of a financial intermediary. One fascinating aspect of the evening was the presentation of Ayden’s new technology, an application which facilitates direct payment by phone, eliminating the need for a terminal. At the moment, the solution is available from Apple Pay in the USA, but it is bound to be making its appearance on the European market before long.
My presence at the meet-up was no random event. We expanded the services offered by MakoLab in the ecommerce sphere at the beginning of 2022. In addition to creating and building fully customised ecommerce solutions using Symphony, .NET Core and Java, we are now a Shopware Partner, with a team of developers who have been awarded the relevant certification. Spending the evening in the company of leading ecommerce agencies who work with Shopware, ADOBE Commerce (Magento) and Vue Storefront, among others, was thus an excellent opportunity for discussion and sharing experience gained on the domestic and foreign markets alike.
was a logical step to extend our services for online B2B and B2C stores to include the renowned technology stack which is Shopware. It is currently enjoying growing popularity on a global scale and makes it possible to provide numerous functionalities more or less straight out of the box, requiring nothing more than configuration. It is also open to integration via REST API and plug-ins, one example of this being the plug-in developed by Adyen for servicing payments in Shopware 6.
I do hope that 2023 will bring similar, small-scale events. Taking part in well-informed discussions with a selected group of people is always an opportunity to grow and never fails to provide food for thought.

23rd October 2022
2 min. read

Jacek Popko

Head of Digital Solutions

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