MakoLab at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

With another expo behind us, it’s time for some more takeaways! This time, business developer Magdalena ‘Magda’ Lewandowska was representing MakoLab at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, which took place in mid March. She talked to Insights, giving us a condensed overview of the trip.
To find out why we chose to exhibit at a trade show for beauty industry professionals, read on!

Magda, February saw you stepping out at the MICAM Milano footwear trade fair . This month, you’ve been the face of MakoLab at Cosmoprof Bologna! Tell us something about your latest trip and its goals.

Cosmoprof is one of the largest beauty industry fairs in the world. This year was the fifty-fourth expo. It hosted almost three thousand exhibitors and more that two hundred and fifty thousand visitors. The event attracts manufacturers of cosmetics, packaging and beauty equipment. Cosmoprof is a place for premiering products and innovative solutions that definitely deserve spotlighting in front of the entire world.
When we were talking about MICAM Milano, I mentioned the fact that there’s been a definite increase in companies’ need to build their own brands and brand recognition on the southern European markets, along with controlling their conditions of sale. Those manufacturers are ready to invest in growing their online stores. And MakoLab’s offering is perfect for their needs!
I set out to meet up with, and talk to, decision-makers who are either a company’s owner or whose day-to-day responsibility is developing their company’s e-commerce. I went looking for brands where I could promote what we have to offer in terms of building a store on the Shopware 6 platform or migrating an existing store to it, not to mention providing additional support services like search engine optimisation, user experience and web analytics. One of my major aims during my meetings with potential clients was exploring their needs and the problems they’re dealing with and then moulding what we have to offer accordingly. A good e-commerce engine certainly isn’t everything. We can provide not only the comprehensive deployment of online stores, but also their support and maintenance.

How did your diary for the event shape up?

The whole trip was pretty much jam-packed! Over the four days I was there, I had a total of several dozen meetings. I’d really rather not give away too many details at the moment. So, for now, I’ll just say that I had some really interesting conversations with beauty product manufacturers from Poland, Italy, Germany and South Korea, whose everyday sales model is B2C. As for the results of those conversations… well, we’ll have to wait and see. Fingers crossed, though!

How did the people you talked to react to what we have to offer?

It’s no secret that Shopware’s well-known in Germany, so it was much easier for me to talk to exhibitors from that region about the potential of migrating. One thing that’s worth emphasising is that the comprehensiveness of our offering made an impression of most of the people I talked to. We have a clear advantage in that we can take on building online stores, migrating or replatforming them and conducting professional audits on search engine optimisation, user experience and web analytics.

On the basis of your two recent trips, would you say that MakoLab’s offering fits the bill for the fashion and beauty industries?

Absolutely! Ecology, innovative solutions and gaining the largest possible network of end users are counting for more and more in both spheres. So e-commerce is actually a fantastic opportunity for companies to promote their own potential and earn accordingly, while bypassing distribution networks. During the expo in Bologna, I had the opportunity of taking part in a networking event focused on the growth of digital operations on the Italian markets. Being present at those workshops confirmed what I said when last talked; in other words, the southern European markets have an incredible potential, but they need support with, and advice on, their technological development. And, as MakoLab’s representative, that’s exactly what I was able to offer them!

30th March 2023
4 min. read

Aleksandra Wesołowska

Marketing Specialist


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