MakoLab revs up for AeroTech 2024!

At MakoLab, we keep an eagle eye on the fast-paced changes happening in the aviation industry. The innovative software solutions we create for the sector not only respond to current challenges, but also blaze a trail for future development. Our presence at AeroTech® 2024, the cutting-edge international conference to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina in March, underscores our commitment to staying at the leading edge and supporting aviation as it evolves to the next level. Leading MakoLab’s team of high-flyers among the industry leaders and visionaries will be our founder, Mirek Sopek, and attendees will also have the opportunity of meeting Semantic Web developer Paweł Garbacz and business developer Monika Maciejewska.

Our objective? Progress and growth

We aim to be a significant part of the aerospace technology world, offering advanced technological solutions which can be used in numerous aspects of aviation and not only in connection with the construction of aircraft. AeroTech® 2024 is both a forum where we can showcase our newest achievements and an opportunity to share our vision and projects which could revolutionise the market. Our IT services play a pivotal role in the evolution of mobility, including the connected plane equipped with state-of-the art technology. At the same time, our collaboration with EDM Council, the world’s leading association of data and analytics professionals, is focused on using data to transform the aviation industry. That partnership and our experts enable us to open up a whole skyscape of new possibilities for airlines all over the world.

MakoLab for stratospheric mobility

Our collaboration with a global leader in air transport IT and communication is a case in point. The technologies we create mean that passengers enjoy greatly enhanced in-flight comfort.  
Meanwhile, our data-based solutions are changing the face of the aviation industry. We are actively involved in designing user interfaces tailored to the individual requirements of a number of different airlines. One example would be the new client portal created for Singapore Airlines and the user interface workshops run for the company by a MakoLab expert. 

The BizDevOpsSup model. A top-quality solution

Using a BizDevOpsSup model allows us to obtain a profound understanding of complex processes, create the best possible solutions and provide exceptional project, process and risk management. 
Our collaboration with the number one IT provider for the sector places us at the head of connected plane services development. Seeking new ways of bringing more improvements to the aviation industry is as essential to us as air.

Inspirational meetings

Building long-term relationships is a firm priority at MakoLab because we believe that dialogue and exchanging ideas are vital to innovation. We know that every event is a chance to establish valuable business contacts and enjoy a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and experience.  
AeroTech® 2024 is a prime opportunity for in-person encounters between industry representatives and we are delighted to invite anyone attending it to visit our team at the MakoLab stand. It will be an exceptional occasion for talking about how our solutions work in practice and how we can support your company’s growth in the aviation industry.

MakoLab. Connecting the skies and Earth

Event: #AeroTech24
Where: Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, North Carolina 
When: 12-14 March 2024 
Meet us there!

Translated from the Polish by Caryl Swift

28th February 2024
3 min. read

Karolina Jędrzejczyk

Digital Marketing Specialist


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