Your lowest product prices. On Shopware. For Omnibus. A free plug-in by MakoLab

With the coming of the new obligations and challenges arising from the European Union’s Omnibus Directive, we have been working to create a solution for Internet stores built on the Shopware 6 platform. An out-of-the-box plug-in, it automatically adds information about the lowest price applied during the previous thirty days. It can already be downloaded from the Shopware Store. Crucially, it is the only plug-in designed for that functionality available from the Shopware store right now.

Omnibus – lowest price is a unique plug-in created by MakoLab’s developers. A simple download-and-install solution, it monitors price changes in a shop for the previous thirty days and displays the lowest price for a given product over that period.
Omnibus – lowest price by MakoLab is available from Shopware Store. In a nutshell, the plug-in:
  • is free;
  • requires no additional configuration. Just download it and install it;
  • analyses changes in product pricing and displays the lowest price applied over the previous thirty days. Most importantly, this happens automatically. The plug-in autonomously checks the lowest price for the thirty-day period and adds it, with the relevant note, below the current price;
  • there are two language versions at present; EN and DE.
We are now working on creating and deploying more unique plug-ins for successful use by every member of the Shopware e-commerce community.
27th February 2023
1 min. read

Aleksandra Wesołowska

Marketing Specialist

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