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Our values

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We are a company with extensive experience and a long tradition. Family has always been vital to us and it remains so to this day. We want our staff to have a sense of freedom and to feel that they are maintaining the balance between their professional and private lives. We really do know that you are combining your jobs with raising children and that you have leisure-time activities and interests that you love pursuing. At MakoLab, we work to provide a supportive environment for you to fulfil those aspects of your lives.
We never stop working to be seen as a socially responsible company. We are conscious of the impact our operations have on the world around us and we care about the local community and the environment. There is no place at MakoLab for greenwashing! In the context of CSR, we never stop thinking about our staff. When we decide to get involved in projects important to all of us, we make the decisions with them. Our efforts are invested in providing working conditions in line with the highest applicable standards and norms. We are more than happy to undergo external verification of our operations and would never put obstacles in the path of the process.
We are well aware of how quickly the world changes and how crucial it is to stay ahead of the game in our sector. We don’t stand still and we create conditions to provide our staff with the chance to develop in line with their own convictions and needs. We value in-house initiatives and we are right behind them. At MakoLab, building a culture of mutual support and the exchange of knowledge and experience is as much a part of our daily activities as getting the coffee started in the morning.
We don’t impose, we offer a choice. We respect individual decisions, but we also take care to ensure that everyone around us feels comfortable and safe. People need to have their own opinions and that is something else we respect. We accept various forms of collaboration and employment. At MakoLab, the search for solutions that will help make work a passion and not a duty is an ongoing one. If someone is unhappy on a given project, then our first thought is for them to switch to a different one. Change is a positive value at MakoLab.
We trust our staff and do everything possible to ensure that they can trust us. Our communications are transparent. Our financial results can be viewed by all our staff, who also have permanent access to information about current questions and our plans for development. Every area of the company has extensive autonomy of action. We value independence and initiative in our staff

Our community

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Ewelina Buchta
Employer Branding & Marketing Specialist
I have the opportunity of collaborating with all MakoLab’s business areas. It’s not always easy and it’s not always fun, but I always have the sense that it’s worthwhile because we’re all going for the same goal.

Maciej Kaczorowski
Junior Java Developer
Boot camp helps you systemise everything and also to develop. I’d recommend it to people who want to learn and aren’t afraid to ask questions… and also to those who are looking for interesting projects to work on.

Piotr Kowalczyk
Quality Engineer
When I joined MakoLab, I went through a bit of a shock, quality-wise. Where I was working before, everything had to be done ‘by yesterday’. The organisation here is really much, much better.

Michał Mosoń
Junior Mobile App Programmer
There’s no hierarchy. Nobody’s busy checking out whether you’re a senior or junior team member.

Cezary Truszczyński
Technical Customer Support
You have a real impact on results.
I feel like I fit in here.

Adam Kupczak
I made a really good choice when I decided to go to work while I’m still studying and that fact that I’ve managed to combine the two is also very much thanks to the company and the team.

Your stories

Some of you have been with us almost from the outset. Others of you left and then came back several years later. You’ve known each other as interns, you’ve swapped teams and changed career paths. Here are some of your stories.

Nothing about you without you

Every day we hear someone’s story and we’re amazed all over again! Illusionists, off-road fans, free divers, baristas, bartenders, artists, you name it and you’ll find them here at MakoLab. Read about their work, their first months at MakoLab and the things they love doing in their free time. It will give you an insight into the MakoLab community!


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