Good news! We have received significant funding for one of our key projects connected to Intelligent Search- Search Insights


Search Insights is MakoLab’s proprietary tool for engaging in advanced semantic searches. This tool is used many of the commercial projects implemented by the company for both itself and its clients. Search Insights uses the mechanisms that traditionally belong to the technical domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

For over a year, in collaboration with the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, we have been conducting regular research in applying AI to our business practices.

The studies involving Search Insights lead to considerable advances in the goal of achieving the most "intelligent" search results. Furthermore, the development of the new semantic-linguistic component is one of the key factors that will help to improve the quality of the overall system.

To fund this on-going research, we have used the opportunity to apply for the "Bon for Innovation for SME’s" - operational project "Inteligentny Rozwój", financed under the sub-measure 2.3.2 POIR Innovation for SME’s, led by the Polish Agency for Industrial Development (PAED).

Projects that can apply and are eligible for the co-financing of this program are those which are involved in developing a new or significantly improved product.

The project submitted by MakoLab, POIR.02.03.02-10-0012 / 17, has now been positively verified. Among the companies that applied, Makolab received the most points (11) in the final classification, resulting in a subsidy amount of 224,700 PLN.

The financial support received will be used to fund research for the semantic-linguistic component mentioned above, so that we can significantly improve Search Insights. This in turn helps us to broaden the scope of Artificial Intelligence applications in MakoLab's business practices.

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