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Auto CMS was created as a tool for creation of local websites of global corporations on the basis of a uniform template compliant with identity assumptions. The basic advantage of the system is the ability to easily create and multiply websites on the basis of a predefined visual template, coherent with an established brand identity. Such a solution helps in creating a recognisable brand, and at the same time provides freedom in terms of adjusting the content to local circumstances (e.g. working hours of dealers, right-to-left writing for languages such as Arabic, Farsi or Hebrew) and expectations of visitors. Therefore, it can be used in many ways typical within the Automotive industry – on the level of a domestic franchising or dealership network, as well as in a multinational corporation.
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Auto CMS is a high quality dedicated Web solution designed using the .NET technology which allows for generation and publishing of websites according to the global brand identity of a company. The main advantage of the system consists in easy creation and multiplication of websites on the basis of an established visual template built with restrictive care for identity.

The process of website editing is very simple and designed with people without vast technical expertise in mind. Most components are edited directly on the site, according to the WYSIWYG approach (“What You See Is What You Get”).

A set of templates can be created and monitored on the level of the company’s headquarters, so that in the global scale (or in the perspective of an entire dealership or franchising network), the maximum level of coherence of brand communication is ensured. The level of deployment and control of identity guidelines may differ depending on the needs. For instance, Auto CMS may contain only a repository of visual templates, but using it, one may also create and store entire bundles of materials, with photos and developed content. Thanks to this, particular locations are able to obtain content prepared centrally and modify it according to their needs – but always in compliance with the guidelines.

Notable features

The latest, currently used version of Auto CMS allows for building websites in the RWD (Responsive Web Design) paradigm. RWD ensures proper displaying of a site on all types of devices (desktop computers, tablets, smartphones) with preservation of the highest standards of User Experience. Moreover, Auto CMS has been recently enriched with the FSPP (Future Site Product Page) module, which enhances the attractiveness of the presented content even more. Instead of standard links redirecting to particular sections or car descriptions, the content of a link is already presented on the site in the form of clickable fields, provided with interesting visuals or an encouraging Call to Action.



Image 1. RWD website created using Auto CMS, Renault Colombia (


Image 2. Site with content presentation using FSPP, Renault Middle East  (

The Auto CMS solution contains other modules, which provide the following functionalities:

Dealer locator module

It is a tool that allows for organisation and mapping of dealerships and presenting them on a Google map. The functionality is connected with a template in Auto CMS which automatically obtains data for a given location. The user may easily find dealerships on a  map and, thanks to the “my location” option – display phone numbers, e-mail addresses and navigation directions.  


Image 3. Dealer location, Renault Middle East (

Webform and database system

This fully adaptable module is used for creation of advanced ‘step-by-step’ forms. The author may create forms using a whole range of fields, create standard confirmations or define the target system (integrated with particular form management solutions), which then obtain a “JSON post” with filled in data. This module also provides a database of captured leads and allows to manage them using a simple interface. 



Image 4. Webform module, Renault Greece (

3D Car Visualiser

This is a module which allows for displaying 3D visualisations of cars, together with centrally prepared data stored in cache memory. Apart from its Web-based implementation, the module may be transformed into an iPad application which can be used offline, for example by salesmen at a dealership.



Image 5. 3D Visualiser of Captur, Renault Middle East (

Websites based on Auto CMS are used by the Renault-Nissan alliance in over 60 countries of the world and support brands of Renault, Nissan, Dacia, Datsun and Infiniti.

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