Sitecore – a modern customer experience management solution

Sitecore is a leading provider of IT solutions for the creation and administration of a website, as well as for managing user engagement. Sitecore’s cutting-edge tools represent a new level of quality in building and maintaining stable relations with clients.

Their main advantages are categorised by: reliability, security, application of the latest technologies, comprehensive scope of operations and a complete, holistic vision. Sitecore’s tools operate on tens of thousands of websites worldwide. Through the Sitecore platform we can e.g.:   

  • recognise our users, their needs and their decision processes
  • learn about user’s journey’s leading to our website, where they come from and why they leave
  • provide unlimited capabilities for adjusting the content of a site and offers to individual clients on the basis of their location, keywords used, IP addresses, website language, recently viewed pages etc.
  • automate marketing
  • Description – the Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform

    The Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) is a platform for integrating a whole suite of functionalities for building customer experience. It’s a tool for modern marketers that is particularly efficient in e-commerce projects and retail operations. The platform offers a range of functionalities within two distinct areas:

    Sitecore Content Management System (Sitecore CMS)

    Functionalities and modules covered in this area enables website content to be managed in a holistic fashion. It is possible to maintain full communication consistency across all sales, promotional and marketing channels and also through the compan’sy internal systems integrated with Sitecore.

    Notable features:

    • simple and user-friendly interface with the ability to preview the edited site. It is fully compatible with mobile device platforms and Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology.
    • an incorporated analytics platform allows for the measurement of not only the number of users or sources of site traffic, but also their quality. This in-depth data allows for the evaluation of particular users from your own businesses perspective.
    • Sitecore CMS is one of the most SEO-friendly systems for content management, with a transparent module for website positioning which can be easily supplemented with key phrases to rank the site higher in search results.
    • built-in mechanisms for the integration of social profiles in the company, as well as the profiles of users of the site. From the level of the CMS, one may publish content on social media portals and create a methodologically unified strategy for establishing brand awareness on the Internet. This is how a modern model based on bilateral communication is created.
    • the built-in API allows for complete integration with external systems such as CRM, ERP, Windows SharePoint Services, Oracle databases, Microsoft Active Directory or SAP – using the .NET technology.

    Sitecore Digital Marketing System (Sitecore DMS)

    The Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS) area gathers a whole range of tools for creating and running modern e-marketing strategies.

    Notable features:
    • the platform allows for full personalisation and targeting of content. Based on a company’s marketing goals and user observations, it is possible to deliver content tailor-made to their needs or interest. This in turn has a significant impact on the number of conversions -  expressed through the number of purchases, registrations in the newsletter, downloading of promotional materials and so on.
    • the website content/sales offer communication is customised to particular users on the basis of behavioural profiles (personas).  The building and analysis of personas is possible through numerous Sitecore functionalities dedicated to gathering user data, their customer journey, etc. A clearly established target group, marketing goals, collected data and analysis of website traffic enable us to construct an appropriate strategy that will deliver concrete results.  
    • Sitecore also offers an Email Campaign Manager – a module for managing mailing campaigns, including highly personalised newsletters based on the data about the user gathered by the system.
    • marketing automation allows for the increase in the efficiency of ad campaigns by means of additional tools (beside Google Analytics), which support gathering data from various sources, their analysis, reporting and, ultimately, their usage in the optimisation of site content and campaign efficiencies.
    MakoLab began cooperation with Sitecore in 2013. As the company’s official partner, we were able to deploy its solutions in several unique projects. Sitecore CEP supports the Makolab implemented website of the American leader in silicon production – Nusil. Another implementation consisted in the development of a platform for communications and the management of user relations for PZU Lietuva – the leading player on the insurance services market in the Baltic countries. A Sitecore-based insurance sales and communication platform has also been implemented by MakoLab for Gjensidige. And above all – it also supports the digital marketing activities of our company’s own platform –

    Our experience also includes developing and extending Sitecore’s platform. Our development team is able to create add-on modules for any level of complexity.
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