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Looking for a good Automotive CRM solution for managing your leads?


The fundamental elements of LMT mechanism are:

  • Lead life cycle – the solution manages lead status change according to the business rules set in the system, such as correlation with dealers’ working hours and set response time
  • In-built system of email communication with the customer, allowing the end-user to follow the order status
  • Defining various sources of leads (setting unlimited number of communication channels) and types of requests
  • Multi-branding and lead assignment to various users

The application has been implemented in countries including: China, India, United Kingdom, GCC (e.g. Saudi Arabia, ZEA, Kuwait, Iraq), Ireland, and Ukraine.

Currently, the total number of gathered, stored and serviced Renault leads in their system exceeds 1 million. Yet the system itself is capable of managing a much larger database


Image 1. Lead details view

Notable features

The LMT can be configured in many different ways due to its flexible approach in linking between the system’s various settings (channels, order statuses, roles of lead service assignees, responsibility and competencies range or data field groups, etc.).

A wide range of reporting tools enables the user to quickly generate reports in the form of tables or charts, based on various criteria such as lead notification response time from a particular dealership, sales conversion rates, or general analysis of leads status (e.g.: new, active, delayed or closed queries).

The LMT allows you to generate customised forms from system-defined field sets, which can then be implemented anywhere, such as on a web page via an Iframe. To meet Renault’s specific needs, we integrated the LMT with another MakoLab copyright solution, based on the Google Maps Dealer Locator. The solution enables the end-user to locate the preferred/closest dealer and then send a direct query. 

The LMT application also services the REST webservice that enables the user to save leads from external sources using the JSON format. Another useful tool is the SOAP webservice that allows users to sort and filter leads and then connect them with other applications.


Image 2. Fleet queries LMT generated webform, embedded as Iframe on Renault Middle East website [http://export-rsi.makolab.net/GCC/contact/fleet_enquiries.html]


Pic 3. Response time report in LMT

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