A customisable CRM

MakoCRM is a web-based solution whose basic goal is to support, build and maintain good relations between a company and its clients. The application allows for the collecting, processing, systemisation and integration of data originating from different sources of the sales process. This data is then transformed into meaningful information, thus facilitating, shortening and increasing the efficiency of daily sales processes in a company.

An additional benefit from using the tool consists in the knowledge obtained from data processing in the system, which may constitute an important contribution to business analyses, rendering MakoCRM a tool used by the company’s leadership for the realisation of the company’s strategy and philosophy.

MakoCRM’s strength lies in the categorisation of functions into thematic areas relevant to the characteristics of the particular departments of a company:

  • Sales – functionalities supporting the process of obtaining new clients, servicing of existing clients and management of the sales department.
  • Marketing – mechanisms supporting works in the field of electronic marketing (e.g. a mechanism for creation of templates of emails using a WYSWIG editor, a tool for newsletter sending, a mechanism for importing of leads etc.)
  • Support – functionalities enhancing post-sales processes (warranties, financial documents etc.)
  • Configuration centre – a set of functionalities related to configuration and parametrisation of the system (e.g. Permission Centre, User Centre, dictionaries etc.).

Technical information

Thanks to being web-based, the system is available on the internet and does not require installing any additional elements on the user’s computer. This makes it easily accessible without compromising the highest standards of security.

An important element worth noticing is the separate reporting component. The reporting system is based on standard Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. It generates reports on the basis of data obtained from the CRM system and data from the warehouse fed from external systems (e.g. financial-accounting and sales systems). Such an approach allows for presenting comprehensive information from places intuitively accessible to the user. 

Technologies used in the solution include:

  • Microsoft SQL Server version 2008 (or higher) with Reporting Services
  • Microsoft .net Framework 3.5
  • DevExpress ASP.NET Components

Business benefits

MakoCRM’s vast array of functionalities covers so many areas of a company’s functioning, that measurable business benefits of the solution become apparent:

  • the quality of client support is truly enhanced, which translates into an increase in efficiency of cooperation,
  • the knowledge concerning contractors or products is improved which may be applied both in management processes as well as in regular operations, e.g. the time required to introduce the salesperson into supporting a given contractor is shorter,
  • activity and efficiency of staff is increased (e.g. by providing mechanisms of constant monitoring),
  • reporting and predicting certain parameters is easier (e.g. predicted income)
  • processes may become formalised, thanks to which there is a guarantee of maintaining the company’s established standards.

Apart from the aforementioned advantages, MakoCRM is a tool that is easily modifiable and extensible, e.g. by coupling reporting processes with elements based on external systems (such as sales or financial systems), thus becoming the foundation for a company’s functioning.

Notable features

  • Availability via a Web browser on all modern devicesthanks to applying Responsive Web Design technology, the system is not only available on various devices (desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, terminals etc.), but also maintains high quality and consistency throughout all its functionalities.  


Image 1. RWD allows for adjusting visualization of the same content on different devices.

For example, the ability to access the system using a smartphone implies nearly unlimited and instantaneous access to data and features. A CEO may be able to verify sales prognoses outside his office, a salesperson may check whether all payments have been settled before meeting the client, a sales director will have constant access to up-to-date information about current works in the sales department.

  • Support for multiple languages in the user interface and data – one of the basic advantages of our CRM solutions is the ease at adjusting them to different language versions (including the option to write from right to left, used, for example, in Arabic countries).
  • Support and integration of many areas of the company which allows for improving the operations of different departments/teams and at the same time reduce the costs of client support – by collecting, processing, systemising and integrating data originating from different sources (which are often far apart geographically) in a given organisation, CRM provides excellent support for efficient interactions within the company’s structures, at the same time preserving a full coherence of information in the organisation.
  • In-depth analysis of needs and goals set before the CRM solution elaborated in close cooperation with the client – MakoLab’s philosophy of designing solutions for our clients always assumes putting special emphasis on the deployment process. Together with the client, we discover specific needs, goals and areas which the project should address. Further on, we design the solution by employing a common project team (in which Business Users, who will ultimately make use of the system, play a key part).
  • The comprehensive skill set and knowledge of MakoLab’s experts in the area of extension and modification of MakoCRM enable us to design it as a system that is tailor-made for any company, deeply customised according to unique needs – we are able to extend and merge MakoCRM’s functionalities with a given company’s internal systems. This allowed the MakoCRM platform to spawn several entirely new and unique custom-made systems (LICOSS, LMT etc.).

More details concerning MakoCRM can be found at makocrm.pl


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