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MyCar is a user-acclaimed tool for ensuring high standards of support for owners of cars from a specified manufacturer. A wide range of functionalities (e.g. servicing calendar), tailor-made offers and useful information - reserved exclusively for members of the MyCar community - is available via the website or the mobile app.
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Let a car purchase be for the customer only the beginning of your brand experience…

Benefits for the user

The MyCar community is made up mainly of car owners from specific brands, as well as authorised dealers. In order to make active use of MyCar, one simply has to register and enter data related to their car. Registration is possible through several different means:

  • using a form located on a producer’s website
  • by means of a Facebook account
  • at an authorised dealer, who may register an account for the user
  • in the mobile app registration panel.

Having confirmed the registration, the car owner obtains access to dedicated functionalities such as:

  • a list of notifications (i.e. calendar) that reminds the owner about technical check-ups, recommended maintenance services etc. It is generated on the basis of information concerning the vehicle in question (model, version, year of manufacturing, mileage etc.)
  • a user is also able to contact the dealer, send a query, make an appointment to visit or even set a service date for an authorised garage
  • alerts concerning personalised promotions that are relevant to the owner’s car. Such information may be printed and processed at a dealership by entering data into the system or scanning a promotional QR code
  • a module containing useful information and tips for car usage, news and events related to the brand.

Like the majority of our solutions, the portal has been developed within the Responsive Web Design (RWD), thanks to which its appearance and ease-of-use are exceptional regardless of the platform of access – the user’s desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. The portal has been designed to support multiple languages, including right to left layouts (R2L) used traditionally in Arabic countries. This means that the site’s functionalities can be enjoyed by car owners around the globe.

Business benefits

Apart from car owners and dealerships, MyCar can also be utilised by its administrators. Among other activities, they can manage and prepare either promotions oriented at all platforms and mobile app users or targeted at a selected group (e.g. owners of a car model of specific age or mileage).

The easily configurable system with a comprehensive stock of vehicle data (e.g. available car models, version and so on) allows car owners to enter information about their cars themselves. The platform is not fed with data from any external database, rendering it independent from the other systems on which a company operates.

It is possible, however, to integrate the solution with other tools used by manufacturers. In the realised projects so far, we have merged MyCar with systems for the management of leads, such as Lead Management Tool by MakoLab or FullSix LMTv1.

The tool, with its vast array of functions, is hugely beneficial in its contribution to business analyses. The embedded comprehensive statistics tools for the analysis of traffic – pertaining to the selected promotions, numbers of new accounts in each month, numbers of inactive accounts etc. – provides an insight into consumer behaviour.

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