Quality data-based decisions

The great majority of organisations still struggle with the challenges surrounding data quality:

  • 68% of respondents perceive data quality maintenance as their biggest challenge.
  • Research shows that ca. 50% of work connected with data is occupied with searching for the right data, detecting errors and verifying data from ambiguous sources!
  • Optimistic statistics reveal that up to 30% of traffic is generated by bots. It therefore requires great experience to conduct a proper data analysis and draw appropriate conclusions.
  • Quantcast report reveals that of the Top 10K ranked websites 69.5% use Google Analytics.
  • At the same time, up to 90% of Google Analytics implementations could contain mistakes that can influence data quality!

Many years of experience in running numerous international projects on data acquisition and interpretation have given us credibility in overcoming these difficulties. Depending on your needs and requirements, we are able to deliver a complete analytics tools audit regarding what you use in your organisation, provide a comprehensive web analytics implementation service, all whilst guaranteeing high-quality data reporting.   

Analytical reports

Various people in an organisation may require different sets of information in order for them to make key decisions within their area of responsibility. We are fully aware of how valuable their time is. 

Our reports are customised to the needs of their recipients because we know that each business decision requires specific information – not all information – and requires it in real-time, not in the quarterly data report.

We start our client cooperation process with the setting up of your information needs, mapping the questions that need the earliest answers, and discerning the form of delivery most suitable.  We also provide recommendations of the parameters and metrics most applicable to the key issues, analyse KPIs and define which goals and events precisely illustrate user behaviours. And finally, we provide readable presentations of the identified changing dynamics within appropriate time frames.

Management Dashboards

A dashboard is a form of presentation that can be utilised to show a company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) analysis as a graph or a simple table, for example- visible on the screen of any device (desktop, tablet, smartphone). For those that require “on-the-spot” condensed information regarding their business, this solution can become the primary tool of work, for managers and salespeople alike.

Dashboards are interactive reports available e.g. in Google Analytics. Each dashboard includes a specific collection of data, customised to the recipient’s needs. Dashboards can be used to inform the user explicitly on a website’s efficiency for both mobile and desktop, including the delivery of ecommerce reports or providing ad campaign traffic data. In this way, a user receives a real-time data report that has is customised to their area of responsibility.

In case of more specific needs – particularly requiring integration and data feed from diversified client systems – MakoLab also offers services of dedicated dashboards design and implementation. Whether they’re web or mobile solutions, management or operational dashboards – we always target at our solutions being the valuable support in taking everyday business decisions: I negotiations, sales meetings, etc.

Our capabilities in this area include dashboards developed for the  local departments of Renault, in which the main challenge was the aggregation of analytic data from different tools, including those that covered: website traffic, information from social media, conversion data from online shops and data from CRM-class tools. MakoLab has also created dashboards for international financial institutions, which track conversion rates on websites based on data from dedicated analytical tools. The example below is our proven way of presenting data in a visually attractive and simple way whilst having the dashboard supplied with real-time data. The BASF dashboard delivers real-time focused analyses of corporate website traffic:

Google Data Studio dynamic reports

Connecting to numerous data sources allows you to obtain a thorough insight into both online and offline user behaviour. Applications that combine data processing and visualisation tools - such as Google Data Studio – provide user-friendly data presentations of user data, collected right from your CMS or CRM system and then collated with data from other sources, e.g. Google Analytics or gates reporting real visits to an offline store.

In order to provide our partners with timely information that is precisely tailored to meet their needs, we  explore and develop the possibilities available through the use of cutting-edge data visualisation methods. Consequently, we are able to deliver leading solutions, based on the use of complementary applications – such as Tablou and GDS – as well as being able to build completely dedicated services through the utilisation of the D3.js. libraries.

Data Visualisation

Visualising information collected from analytics tools allows for the easy and efficient comprehension of  potentially complex data in order to be able to use it in day-to-day business situations. Reports prepared by our experienced analytics experts will unlock your data’s potential – the data that you might already have the access to but do not know how to explore and apply it.

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