Revolution in search results

For several years now, Google and other search engines have aimed at improving the ways of presentating data in search results. At foundation of this lays the project for developing a single standard of data description across the web. Initiated by Google, Bing and Yahoo, the initiative was founded – a framework which defines the standards for data description. For a website to return accurate and relevant results and descriptions already in the search results, the correct selection and suitable implementation of mark-ups (tags) are required.

Do everything for your offer to stand out in search results.

What is structured data?

Structural data mark-ups comprise small fragments in a site’s code which specify which of its elements of code stand for a company’s address, descriptions of its products, their prices and so on. Such tags enable Google and other search engines to interpret the content of a website. 


What are the benefits?

The most important benefit is the advantage over your competition. Mainly because a site that is properly marked by data mark-ups will be visible in Google in a much clearer and more transparent manner. A link to such a website in Google’s search results may contain additional elements that are important from the perspective of a potential client. A well-described website may appear not only among organic search results, but also in Google’s Knowledge Graph. Information pertaining to the company’s address, offer, contact data, location or pricing of products will become available for the client immediately, without the need to navigate into and around websites to look for the required information.   


Sitelinks Search Box – small but powerful

One of the simple, but at the same time powerful recommendations devised for one of the leading automotive companies was the proposal to introduce Sitelinks Search Box. By adding a small fragment of code, we have indicated to Google which of our client’s subpages is responsible for internal searches on the site. This resulted in the appearance on Google, where under the link to the manufacturer's website an additional field appears where users can enter a more detailed phrase that then redirects them to the search results within the page. This way, the prospective client’s journey towards their goal has been dramatically shortened. 

Our offer

We have developed a module for the implementation of structural data in e-commerce solutions for PrestaShop, and co-authored the “Car” extension for, which establishes the standard for the descriptions of structural data for the automotive industry. We have participated in the process of implementing structural data on websites for clients such as Renault and Toyota

As part of our expertise and experience, we can provide consultancy services in creating a structural data scheme, verifying existing configurations of mark-ups, or conduct a mark-up implementation on a site. 

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