Thousands of offers from different providers in a single place

Nowadays, a broad offer is essential in the services market. Companies often extend their offers to include those delivered by other entities, thanks to which the client receives multiple proposals in one place. Such a business model requires the perfect integration and organisation of information exchanges. When communication with a potential client takes place online, it is critical to provide a coherent and comparable presentation of one’s own offer.

Connector is a tool used for collecting information from multiple providers and its subsequent presentation in the form of a set of coherent and well-organised offers on a given website. Data is gathered, processed and ordered according to configurable criteria. This creates a catalogue of comparable offers, which can be viewed and analysed according to criteria established by the clients. This then enables the customer to make the best purchase decisions for them.

Managing a muliti-source offer doesn't have to be a challenge…

The key Connector features include:

  • Uniform presentation of offers regardless of scale and quantity – one of the key elements that influences success in sales is the delivery of coherent information to the client – in both content and form. Connector allows for the ordering of information and its subsequent presentation on a website in such a way as to enable potential clients to compare and browse seamlessly.
  • Processing and ordering highly diverse data – offers from external partners are usually delivered in a diverse set of forms and as such constitute sets of highly diversified information. Due to the advanced algorithms within the system, Connector generates uniform offers from seemingly very diverse initial data sets, regardless of the form of its presentation chosen by any given provider.
  • Bidirectional exchange of information – Connector is a component that serves as an intermediary in information exchange between a company and the entities cooperating with it, e.g. delivering financial, insurance or travel services. External suppliers provide the company with a set of offers, whilst simultaneously the company also sends all the information required for the completion of the purchase process directly to the client, e.g. confirmations of booking. This entire process takes place in real time. With Connector, such an exchange of information occurs in the background and has no impact on the site’s usage.

Image 1. Process of information processing conducted by Connector

    • Scalability with an unlimited number of partners – Connector allows for initiating systematised cooperation’s with almost an unlimited number of partners. At the same time – operating with possible future requirements in mind – we have created a solution that supports the building of the client’s supplier network from the ground up.
    • Ease of adjusting to industry characteristics – the systematised joining of previously latent partners often requires completing many paths for certification. Thanks to its cutting edge architecture, Connector can be easily and quickly adjusted to the requirements characteristic of other industries.

The Makolab solution Connector supports the web-based service, registration and sales of one of the leading Polish tour operators – “Trade and Travel Company”.

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