Fast and efficient communication with your tenants

EPON offers a wide range of functionalities for enhancing and facilitating contact between managers and tenants. The tool enables tenants, among others, to receive, gather and browse e-invoices or declare the unit turnover.  It is also possible for each person to report issues or technical faults in the system through messages addressed to the facility manager. Additionally, the tool includes an alerts functionality which reminds tenants of incoming payment dates and can also inform tenants of incoming e-mails from the real estate management office.

The system interface is fully responsive which provides both high quality and easy usage regardless of the system or device being used (tablet, mobile, etc.). The system connection is held via the HTTPS encryption protocol, which guarantees full safety over data exchange, storage and communication.

Looking for an effective way to communicate with your tenants? We can help!

EPON solution functionalities and business benefits:


The application includes an electronic invoices storage functionality. This equips a tenant with full access to all the system documents assigned to their account.

Download history

A tenant has access to the e-documents download history, including detailed information, such as the download date or the person assigned to the given operation.


A manager can send a message to the chosen tenants via the ColDis management system, which then will be visible for them in EPON. This functionality significantly simplifies processes at the property office regarding contacting tenants and systematising cooperation between parties. For example, system messages can provide important information concerning meetings or any facility renovations planned.

Alerts registration

A tenant can send an alert to the facility office, which then will be registered in the ColDis system and given an appropriate priority marker. The manager’s office can then react to the alert immediately and respond accordingly - e.g. sending a technician to verify the failure in a given space. The message exchange between the manager and tenant may be held until the issue is closed.

Meter readings

A tenant can browse their meter reading status, as registered in the management system.

Meter declaration

A tenant can declare their meter readings for the dates chosen and – due to the parallel system communications – then the input data will be visible to the facility manager immediately. The manager can either accept the reading or ignore, as may be the case if incorrectly entered. This solution eliminates the need for the manager to run the time-consuming process of tracking and inputting every reading manually.

Turnover declaration

Using the system, a tenant can declare their turnover for a given time period. In a special system panel, the manager can either accept the declaration or ignore it in cases of incorrectness.

EPON system registration

The registration requires a contractor code from the management system in order to connect the account to the proper tenant. The real estate manager then accepts the users who were verified in the registration process and gives them the status of either a system administrator or user.  Subsequent users of a particular tenant code can then be accepted by the system administrator. This guarantees a minimal workload for tenants with vast employment hierarchies, e.g. chain stores.

EPON system data

Each EPON user is assigned to a particular ColDis system tenant. During the acceptance process, a manager or administrator is then able to assign the appropriate premises to the given user. If a tenant has two premises assigned to them in the ColDis system, this will translate to having two users in the EPON system, each of which will have access only to the data for one particular unit (documents, meter readings). Each account represents a separate user. The data of both users is independent as each is assigned to one of the two units.

Accelerated two-way communication between the facility manager and its tenants enhances shared business relations. In addition, full mobility of the system gives its users instant control over their payments, no matter the time or place. 

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