Monitoring and automation of the technical maintenance of a property

Built off the foundations of the ColDis Platform, the Facility Management Tool is used for supporting and automating the management and technical maintenance of any given property. The goal is to provide full control over the structure of a facility. For this reason, the system was designed with the maximum possible scope of needs in mind.


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Object hierarchies

Object hierarchies constitute the detailed representation of a property’s structure (building, level, staircase, premise, room within a premise) which allows users to associate the available data with the other functionalities of the technical module (location of devices, registry of submissions, estate plans). The ordered hierarchy view provided by the system allows users to search for a required area of the property and can then display any relevant information.

Registry of devices with their location on the estate plan

The Facility Management Tool contains a detailed list of all devices present in a property, together with any associated equipment and subsystems. The connection with the object hierarchy allows users to accurately assign each element to a selected room, premise or technical room. Thanks to the optional function of device location on the estate plan, a technician will be able to determine the location of any given device quickly and precisely. The registry of devices also covers information pertaining to maintenance tasks for all components, as well as data concerning any warranties for devices.

Visualisation of estate plans

Estate plans allow for a detailed visualisation of all elements present in a building (premise, room, device). It is also possible to use these plans for the presentation of reports including: summary of executed works and lists of maintenance checks undertaken in the premises – provided by data from the Facility Management Tool. The clearly presented form enables the building’s manager to obtain crucial information about the condition and state of functioning of the entire estate.

Registry of submissions and task scheduling

The system contains a detailed list of submissions that covers, technical failures, repairs, renovations, maintenance checks and works on selected devices and equipment in premises and buildings. Each submission has a dedicated panel which allows the manager to track the progress of works from a specific submission. The site administrator observes the exchange of messages between the person submitting data and the person responsible for the execution and acceptance of works. Access to this panel is also granted to external companies, by which the administrator may track information exchanges between different entities. The administrator also obtains insight into the attachments that document events and progress of works on a given task. By applying filters, the list of submissions may be narrowed down to a selected criterion.

Planning is based on the automatic generation of tasks in the system, on the basis of a schedule of maintenance operations that is specified by the building’s technical administrator and maintenance checks that are required by construction law. The calendar of tasks with a day, week and month view provides the manager with a precise insight into scheduled maintenance checks, renovations and repairs, and allows the user to specify the resources necessary for any given period, as well as analyse what is going on in the building.

The extensive functionality of notifications allows for informing selected personnel at the moment of the occurrence of a given event (task creation, modification, realisation of works etc.) by means of an e-mail or SMS message. By assigning a location in a submission, the technician is given precise knowledge as to where the assigned task is to be done, e.g. fixing a failure or replacement of subsystems in devices.

Maintenance contracts

Maintenance contracts are registered in the Facility Management Tool and specify the scope of responsibilities and tasks required to maintain the property in a proper technical condition. The maintenance contract functionality allows the user to enter data such as: cost and period of contract validity, settlement period, guaranteed reaction time, time of realisation of submissions, priority and settlement of overtime.

Registry of plots for tax-related purposes

The management of filed data is possible through the interface for spatial information systems. Based on an area designated on the map, it allows users to obtain a preview of the boundaries between plots, together with their numbers (including detailed orthophoto maps) on which an investment may be planned or a managed property located. The tax module allows for the automatic calculation of instalments of tax payments with a breakdown pertaining to individual payment periods.

The aforementioned features provide comprehensive support for the most important requirements associated with technical maintenance of a property. However, it is possible to extend the system with new customised tools (e.g. an interface to a BMS), or through its integration with external solutions (e.g. the mobile inventory app created by MakoLab – Stock Talk).

For many years we have supported technical maintenance processes at properties with highly diverse profiles of activity. Our Facility Management Tool is operationally functioning in both recreation and service facilities (Mera Spa Hotel, Gdynia Waterfront I), office spaces (Business Garden in Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław, Brama Portowa etc.), as well as in shopping centres (Family Point Wrocław, Aura Centrum Olsztyn etc.).

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