The active participation of tenants in the management processes – online!

Residents, landlords or tenants… No matter what group of estate users we consider, each of them has an active part in the management process. Only close cooperation and the complete exchange of information may ensure the appropriate functioning of an estate.

However, efficient cooperation requires active participation from both sides. Very few people have time for attending long meetings to vote on issues concerning the management of a property, any renovation works planned. This is to not even mention the often-long discussions that occur between participants at such meetings about every subject on the agenda.

At the same time, residents of an apartment complex or tenants of premises in a shopping centre do expect to have the ability to voice their opinions, e.g. about establishing another restaurant or a newly observed technical problem.

MakoLab’s web-based solution – MyPlace App – is a tool that combines the needs of both sides in the process of estate management. It allows users to submit information about technical problems via the internet, access payment histories, contact the management of the estate by email, or download invoices for utilities – all from the comfort of their home. The management, on the other hand, is able to transfer up-to-date information to all users, react to submissions, and make decisions based on the collection and analysis of relevant data (e.g. votes placed regarding a ruling). Such a solution saves both a lot of time for both parties and also shortens the decision-making processes for the management.

Our offer of solutions dedicated to Commercial Real Estate is much wider.

Functionalities tailored to the needs of the audience

The freedom to design new functions in applications like the MyPlace App is virtually limitless. Indeed, it is confined only by the goal, user needs and type of activity associated with the estate in question. For the residents of a neighbourhood or housing association, for example, information regarding monthly fees and their settlement, meter readings, scheduled repair works or the ability to vote on resolutions are very important, especially for those that don’t require group involvement or meetings per se. They would certainly be best served through a local noticeboard.

The needs associated with commercial estates are completely different, and the MyPlace App that is customised for such a profile will contain different features. The app will however still work towards the efficient exchange of information and building of relations with tenants. One of the key features of MyPlace App, for example, for commercial estates allows for the accomplishment of the following tasks:


MyPlace App can be integrated with an estate management system, improving the exchange and registration of data from the application. Such a setting may improve the responses to notices concerning technical issues: a reported issue is registered in the system, which then registers it as a task to be done and processes it further. 

MyPlace App is a web-based tool, developed with RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology. This means that the tool is available on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone), preserving the high quality of presentation and usage throughout.

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