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The process of finding and purchasing used cars is nowadays much easier, thanks to the various easily accessible search engines dedicated to this purpose. In principle, the stage of searching and selecting offers may take place without the prospective customer leaving their home. However, it is not the access to information that is problematic – the true challenge lies in the verification of the quality of this information.

In order to respond to the need for obtaining offers from trustworthy sources, we have created the Used Cars Search Engine – a professional tool for publishing and presenting offers from authorised brand partners.

The Used Cars Search Engine is a modern platform with a user-friendly interface created in line with to the Responsive Web Design (RWD) paradigm. The rich functionality provided by the service enables its users to not only to find a car, but also obtain all relevant information that is crucial at the differing stages of the purchasing process. Thanks to its integration with other systems used by car manufacturers/dealerships, the client may e.g. calculate the credit instalment amount through the use of a financial simulator or – after selecting the desired offer – contact the nearest representative directly, or learn about other current promotions.

The search engine created by MakoLab is already operating as an integral part of the website and it is also accessible directly at

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Description of the solution

The advantage of MakoLab’s search engine lies not only in the reliability in the offers it presents, but also in its intuitive use and vast array of available functionalities.

When designing the site, we focused primarily on simplifying the process of searching and on providing a clear path for reaching the desired offer. The transparent visual presentation of offered cars, comprehensive galleries of photos, the ability to attach video clips, and in-depth descriptions of each car will encourage clients to take the next step and visit the chosen vehicle at the dealer’s office. Searching for interesting offers may take place on two levels of searching:

  1. Simple search – by typing keywords, such as “red Mégane dCi”
  2. Advanced search – specifying more detailed criteria, e.g. brand, model, year of manufacturing, price range, fuel type, gearbox etc.


Image 1. Used Cars Search Engine for Renault -  home page


After finding and clicking on a desired offer, the user obtains access to a complete package of information concerning the car in question – including purchase forms, specifications and technical details. Thanks to its integration with other systems used by manufacturers/dealerships, the client is also provided with features that are crucial for the purchasing process. For instance, the financial simulator integrated into the website allows users to calculate credit instalments. The search engine locates the nearest dealership automatically and provides all the relevant information. The Call to Action buttons encourage the client to initiate contact and learn more about the representative’s offer. 

Image 2. Used Cars Search Engine for Renault – offer details


The search engine also contains an comparison engine which the user may use to save and send offers from the main page. The comparison tool contains the same exact functions as those found on search result pages (e.g. photo preview, technical information, Call to Action buttons etc.). 

Image 3. Used Cars Search Engine for Renault – offer comparison tool


The Used Cars Search Engine is a modern platform with a user-friendly interface, created within the Responsive Web Design (RWD) paradigm. This means that the user may use it in an equally efficient manner regardless of their device of access – be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The capability of integrating the search engine with systems used internally by manufacturers or authorised dealers allows for not only adjusting the functionalities available but also for customising its appearance towards a given brand identity.

Modularity of the search engine makes it possible for the tool to be integrated with any source of data for used cars offers. This solution gives the ability to maintain control over information whilst ensuring that the offer is always up-to-date and trustworthy.

The search engine has been designed using ASP.MVC 4.0. It’s visibility in search engine results - delivered by Google - is augmented by the already implemented Automotive Extension for dictionary.

Each offer can be a direct source of data for subsequent applications, due to the implementation of the UCO data mechanism (Used Cars Ontology). 


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