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Your average smartphone has more processing power than all the combined computing power used to put man on the moon. Modern automotives are equipped with on-board networked computers (the ‘connected car’[*]), and yet many automotive manufacturers exploit only a fraction of the potential this brings. At Makolab we offer tailor-made solutions for making the most of this potential.

Connected car. Functional tools and services for car on-board computers.

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Mobile apps for business 

Mobile apps created at Makolab have allowed companies to accomplish numerous tasks using smartphones and on-board computers without the need for additional tools (e.g. scanners, payment and access cars), including:

  • Barcode and QR code scanners
  • Reading RFID codes for inventory / warehouse management
  •  Payment Authorization and Area Access Control Systems
  •  Management of vehicle fleets
  •  Automotive monitoring systems- Speed, Acceleration and Position
  • Indoor Navigation & Positioning Services

Our apps can be operated on a variety of platforms and from anywhere in the world. We take advantage of modern technologies (such as GPS, GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth) to provide highly bespoke application features, as well as efficiently utilising cloud storage systems for ease of access around the globe. Your data is always there when you need it.

We offer a full spectrum of mobile solutions & services including personalised apps, mobile websites and Responsive Web Design.

Mobile app design - our projects

Working with Philips Lighting Poland, Makolab created ‘LEDs make a Switch’, allowing customers to understand their savings options by switching from halogen to LED bulbs. Our Liftingometer app has made it possible for patients and doctors to see the effects of cosmetic surgery before proceeding with it. At Renault, car owners can now use their time spent behind the wheel more effectively with the use of the Audioteka app for audiobook reading and Supermemo for learning foreign languages on the go.

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