Extending client engagement

Despite the tremendous number of tools supporting digital marketing activities, building valuable engagement from clients is nowadays harder than ever. On one hand, acquiring the latest technologies is becoming ever more accessible. On the other, the vast quantities of information users are exposed to means that they are now more selective than ever in their purchase decisions. This means that users engage only with the tools and information that they are truly interested in or consider useful.

So what is the solution to selective engagement? Mako In Touch. Working together with you, we build solutions that create concrete added value to your business and your clients. Whether the solution is a marketing tool to encourage users to engage with your app, or finding better ways to guide customers around your premise, here at Makolab we know how to employ a plethora of technologies to get you closer to your clients and increase their engagement in your brand. 

Our offer of solutions dedicated to Commercial Real Estate is much wider.

Examples of MakoLab apps

At Makolab we designed and implemented customisable push notifications for apps as a marketing tool for businesses. This feature enables the sending of short messages (e.g. promotions, events and news articles) to thousands of users instantaneously, even if they are not currently engaged in using the app.

In order to avoid the effect of spamming the user with unwanted content, a feature of the technology provided options for the complete personalisation of the notifications they receive. For example, a menu within the app enables users to select their areas of interest that then adjusts the notifications and content sent to the user. 

Features of the tool such as this encourages the reactivation of ‘dormant users’, as well as providing a more personalised experience- all possible thanks to the customisation of the content delivered. A fan of robotics, for example, would certainly appreciate notifications telling them that there will soon be a robotics exhibition coming to a town near them and that there will be discounted tickets available for them.  


Examples of push notifications

Makolab also developed an app allowing users to locate where they parked their vehicles through the use of QR codes. We know how irritating it can be finding your car on a multi-storey car park, especially after a long family day out shopping.  We also know how discouraging such experiences can be for future visits. This is why we designed a tool that allows you to track your car as soon as you enter the car park, all the way through until you have found it again. It’s a simple and uncomplicated solution but one that instantly transforms a stressful situation into a satisfying resolution. It is improving your client’s experiences in ways such as this that bring them back.

These examples are but a taster of the solutions Makolab has developed to encourage customer engagement. We pride ourselves in being a technologically up-to-date company and we ensure that our skills consistently meet the demands in providing the best possible solutions for our clients. We track the latest trends and consumer behaviours- both in the digital world and those specific to the business activities of our clients – and we know how to use this information to engage potential customers. The creativity of our teams allows us to apply technological solutions to unique tasks and requests – creating comprehensively unique tools for bespoke situations. Regardless of a client’s goal, need or scale of operations, we can develop both the cutting-edge software that they require as well as providing the advice, support and – together with our clients - solutions with the highest possible return on investment to meet their business needs. 

Other solutions in the area of mobile apps
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