3D Advanced Visualisation Solutions

Our long-lasting interest with 3D Advanced Visualisation has been focused particularly on its business environment application. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and even Augmented Virtuality (Mixed Reality) – in each of these technologies we look for its practical context, business benefits, ROI and role as a business game changer. Our solutions can transform a pair of VR glasses or mobile device into a powerful sales tool.

Want to attract customers with the engaging product presentation and… cut costs?

VR – Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a great way to attract potential customers, through its advanced technology and creative presentation potential. VR can be utilised in many business settings to engage clients in new and exciting ways. Here at Makolab we have implemented VR solutions for a complete variety of companies.

Working with a leading electric car model, interactive VR was utilised to showcase to clients the benefits of electric car technologies – presenting an array of options and functionalities that ultimately stimulated the products promotional capabilities. The VR app engaged allowed users to take an interactive virtual trip through the possibilities of the vehicle, observing savings calculators and useful data concerning the model itself, all through the visual medium of a ‘drive around a city’.

Working closely with our technological partner Willie Beamen for the Samsung S7 promotional campaign - that was closely tied to the RIO 2016 Olympics- Makolab developed a digital interactive wall, collecting and showcasing a mixed array of social media publications through this innovative platform. Equipped with the ‘Samsung Gear’ VR headset, the brand was able to engage clients with in-store VR presentations, allowing for a closer interaction with customers and ultimately improving familiarity to the brand. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows users to engage with digital information and media in real-world spaces, all of which can be achieved only with the use of their mobile phones. You can now watch virtual fish swim in your glass of water, or receive birthday wishes ‘floating out’ of a box of chocolates. The application of AR as a substitution or addition to tangible promotional gadgets can augment benefits to customers and companies, especially within the FMCG industry.

AR technology can also be applied to more practical applications. Take for example our 3D Interior Visualiser- this application lets users fit, configure and match furnishings and other accessories into any given space; whether that is an office, sales space or private apartment. 3D Interior Vistualiser’s potential goes way beyond interior design and was built and designed with not just interior designers in mind. By being able to visualise future design ideas, estate clients can better encourage purchase decisions and this serve as a new and improved tool of the trade for developer companies and real estate agencies among others. 

Implementation examples and business benefits

3D Advanced Visualisations can provide an array of potential benefits to companies and can notably be instrumental through:

  • Promotion – Engaging clients at exhibitions, showrooms and promotional shows can now be more engaging than ever! Such occasions provide perfect platforms to draw in potential clients by captivating them with advanced visualisation technologies. Invite your clients to try on the VR headset and let them drive your newest car, walk around your virtual clinic or try out a new line of cosmetics. Grab your client’s attention in ever more engaging ways whilst showing them more of your product than even the most detailed presentations can.
  • Brand building – Applying VR & AR technology can significantly advance and modernise your brand, opening it up to new potential target groups and demographics. Moreover, such an attractive medium can build brand engagement and enhance customer experiences in ways previously unavailable to companies.
  • Sales – 3D AV can create a competitive advantage as a sales tool also. Our 3DVR Car Configurator [hyperlink] allowed car dealers to reduce the size of their points of sales and relocate to high-traffic spaces (i.e. shopping malls) by being able to reproduce their whole showroom virtually. In the Real Estate industry, VR can turn a simple meeting with a developer into a tour of the prospective client’s new, fully furnished flat – thus greatly improving investment prospects.

The potential of 3D Advanced Visualisation is limited only by the designer’s imagination. Understanding how best to apply this technology and matching your aims to your designs is our speciality. We can assist you in all stages of 3D AV from design and application, to capturing the business benefits it offers. 

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