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Google search results are much richer than they were even just a few years ago. Nowadays, they have been enriched with useful elements for improving search results, such as the Knowledge Panel, Direct Answers, product ratings, as well as a user review process, price identifiers, and many more.  

As the sheer abundance of search results keeps growing, it is of real benefit that we are able to have an influence on the ways our business information is presented via Google.

Structured Data Implementation

For several years now, Google, along with other search engines, has strived to improve the ways of presenting data within search results. At its very foundation lies an underlying comprehension of the benefits that can be realised through developing a single standard of data description across the web. Initiated by Google, Bing and Yahoo, the initiative was thus founded – a framework designed to define the standards for data description. Now, thanks to the implementation of structured data – which constitutes the presenting of information in a way that enables search engine algorithms to understand both the meaning and context of information – we can, in turn, improve the effectiveness of our SEO activities. 

What is structured data?

Structural data mark-up is comprised of a collection of small fragments in a site’s code that enables a search engine to understand the meaning and context of a presented piece of information. Such tags enable Google and other search engines to be able to interpret the content of a website on a much deeper level than was previously possible.


Applying allows us to compose and choose the way our company, product or brand’s information is presented is search results. For example, we can influence:

  • the Knowledge Panel:

  • search results - by enriching them with additional information:


  • displaying an internal search engine within Google search results:


Our experience

Our work in this area has already led us to develop a module for the implementation of structural data into our e-commerce solutions for PrestaShop. We also co-authored the “Car” extension for, which now presents the standard for the description of structural data for the automotive industry. With this focus, Makolab has also participated in the process of implementing structural data on the websites of our clients, including for Renault and Toyota.

Through cooperating with the Toyota Motor Europe headquarters in Brussels, we now run semantic SEO consulting activities for over 40 European Toyota websites.

Our offer

Knowing how Google interprets and displays information is essential if you aim to improve the accessibility and user-friendly nature of a website. Holding these understandings, we consult and advise on what value can be gained through describing elements with “schema”, including estimating the subsequent effects of such implementations.  

We offer:

  • recommendations on how best to apply schema
  • auditing current mark-up applications,
  • mark-up implementation

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