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Our innovations

The Web is a constantly evolving phenomenon. Our business innovations reflect this.
Here at Makolab, we take an active part in this process. We don’t wait for innovative solutions, we create them. Whether it is semantic web or blockchain technology, our digital experts are leading the way.
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We do not await innovative technology solutions, we create them!

Semantics lets us rebuild our faith in that something we have considered to be the canon of knowledge for two and a half thousand years – can also be used in machine learning.
Mirek Sopek, founder of MakoLab
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In addition to the business perspective we apply to our R&D projects, we also undertake numerous pioneering initiatives. Our partnerships, involvement in scores of external organisations and world-class experts give us a strong voice and ensure our position as a leader in the development of breakthrough projects and knowledge-sharing forums from the frontiers of science and technology worldwide.
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