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MakoLab digitalises production processes flow for PID Polska

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When it comes to ensuring the highest production quality standards in the food industry, X-ray detectors are a crucial tool. MakoLab and MakoLab Consulting are playing a vital part in maintaining those standards in the production processes flow by deploying a complete ERP IT system.
We chalked up our first sales success of the New Year when we signed an agreement continuing our collaboration with PID Polska! The company is a European leader in the field of X-ray detectors for the food industry and we will be building them an ERP IT system which will digitalise the flow of their production processes. As a distributor of Eagle devices, the dynamically developing PID Polska came to dominate the market with its skills at adapting the equipment to the client’s requirements and providing a unique service.

In 2021, working in conjunction with AICON X-Ray GmbH, the company began producing its own devices, which now number among the best industrial X-ray detection systems in the world.
MakoLab Consulting, a part of the MakoLab Group, has been supporting PID Polska in the transformation of its business since July 2021, assisting with the design and launch of new production processes and with managing the changes. As the company forges ahead, one of the crucial requirements is ensuring that the IT system is suited to its needs. This will facilitate the decomposition of the bill of materials (BOM) for a device to be produced, the completion of materials from the warehouse and the ordering, control of the technological process, planning and production cost accounting. Within a few months, experts from MakoLab’s Business Solutions team will have created a solution that responds to the company’s business requirements by automatising its production flow. Thank you for trusting us, PID Polska!
Wednesday 9th February 2022
Michał Hertel
Michał Hertel
Head of Communication & Business Development