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MakoLab to collaborate with
Łódź University of Technology!

We are delighted to announce that we have begun collaborating with Łódź University of Technology and a leading home automation company, Eutonomy
The collaboration agreement was signed in May at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering. MakoLab was represented by Mirek Sopek, PhD (Eng.), Vice President of the MakoLab Management Board and President of the university’s council. Jan Kroh, PhD (Eng.), did the honours for Eutonomy, with the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Dariusz Gawin, and the instigator of the collaboration, Professor Marcin Kamiński, acting for the university.
The collaboration encompasses the creation of software for a number of purposes, including the collection and statistical processing of data using artificial intelligence algorithms and the development of smartphone apps for individual users.
Students on courses connected with building and computer science will also be involved in the collaboration and will have the opportunity of acquiring knowledge and extending both their academic and their professional experience.
Wednesday 29th June 2022
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Aleksandra Wesołowska
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