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for the automotive and aviation industries
With our solid, twenty-year background in the automotive and IT industries, we are exceptionally well-equipped to work with our clients from in the mobility sector on creating solutions that will give them a competitive edge now and in the future.

Your connectivity partner

When it comes to connected services, MakoLab has a history of successful commercial and R&D collaborations with leading German and French car manufacturers and with the air transport sector’s largest IT provider. We are a one-stop-shop offering end-2-end solutions, from concept to deployment, with solid experience in backend, in-vehicle and mobile interfaces.
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MakoLab and connected vehicles Proof of success
MakoLab and connected planes
Proof of success
Our most powerful recommendation is…
the long-term trust of industry leaders.
The organisations we collaborate with include:
  • a premium German automotive brand
  • one of the top five automotive OEMs
  • the largest supplier of technology for the aviation sector
  • some of the world’s leading engineering companies
TISAX is just one of the certificates we have been awarded which are directly related to the automotive industry.
We focus on software solutions in non-safety-critical areas, including handling recall, customer care provided directly to the vehicle, support during critical events, localisation and exchanging data with the infrastructure, as well as aggregating and processing the millions of rows of information exchanged between our client’s internal systems and vehicles. For aviation, one aspect we deal with is the handling of ground-to-air communication.
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What do we offer?
Customer engagement
Connected mobility
Autonomous driving support
  • end-2-end solutions
  • mobile & connected car apps
  • infotainment
  • vehicle2X
  • user experience
ICO vehicle platforms
Vehicle platforms
OEM specific
ICO Ecosystems
Experience in emerging ecosystems
ICO Backend Technologies
Backend technologies
OEM technology stack
ICO Technology
Automotive relevant technologies
TTS, VR, biometrics, home automation, VoIP
ICO Mobile Technologies
Mobile technologies
Android, iOS
ICO Monitor

Examples of our projects include:
  • vehicle2Infrastructure
  • vehicle2Home
  • Vehcile2Smartphone
  • automation
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How do we work?
DevOps working model (SAFe)
Agile/Scrum methods adapted to automotive projects
Toolchain (OEM + Makolab)
A full-featured development process for production
A simplified development process for PoCs
24/7 operations under a service level agreement
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