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Finance and insurance

Enhance your customers’ financial experience. Use artificial intelligence to understand them better and minimise risks in the process of compiling insurance quotations.
MakoLab has been developing finance and insurance digitisation for more than a decade now, as our track record of implementations around the world bears out. Our solutions support our clients’ customers in their day-to-day financial management. We invest in FinTech and InsurTech R&D and build solutions that take the services they cover to a completely new level.
Supporting buyers’ decisions
We provide top-end online tools to help your customers make their purchases on the best possible terms:

  • financial simulators
  • budget calculators
  • online credit-scoring solutions
  • credit / leasing procedure
  • multi-purpose calculation engines

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Optimising the development process for insurance quotations
We supply the insurance sector with omnichannel solutions supporting the process of compiling quotations online. They come with built-in, high-quality customer experience, the presentation of a wide range of insurance products and an automated risk-assessment process. The multilayer integration with bank systems and databases ensures a reduction in the time required to process quotations.

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AI solutions custom-designed for the insurance sector
MakoLab’s financial and insurance sector experts work hand in hand with our R&D department to develop engines which are based on artificial intelligence and are designed to enhance effectiveness and reduce risk for insurance providers. We work to create powerful tools customised to help insurance companies calculate insurance costs and optimise quotations based on all the data and market signals available from online sources.

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We understand what the financial and insurance sectors require
We offer solutions that can bring together and encompass each financial or insurance operation.

Financial and insurance institutions
We employ cutting-edge technologies to optimise your business for the benefit of your customers, covering:
  • operations, sales process and cost reduction
  • price optimisation
  • marketing and sales
  • business performance
  • Proof of Concept projects for innovative solutions

We will enhance the collaboration between you and your agents by helping them to deliver top-quality customer service and stay ahead of specific customer needs. Our solutions will service your:
  • product and price personalisation
  • claim management optimisation
  • marketing and sales
  • support of the purchase decision process

Self-service for customers
Our self-service solutions help your customers assume the key role in their finance and insurance management and enhance the efficiency of your relationship with them by providing
  • OCR technology
  • online claim management
  • web & mobile apps
  • the highest possible standards of security
  • data processing management
We build custom-designed solutions
Makolab offers customised, state-of-the-art solutions meeting our clients’ advanced IT requirements. Over the past twenty years, we have developed a number of tailor-made systems that help them and our partners to achieve their business goals. Here is a sample of our range of work:
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We provide expert know-how and technology skills
Our profound technical and business knowledge of the finance and insurance market covers:
  • a variety of financial and insurance products, including specific legal / national requirements
  • API integration with banking systems / point of sales / 3rd-party providers
  • API and front-end integration with car configurators and offer pages, including different vehicle ID conventions
  • our own calculation and scoring engines
  • back office applications / administration panels for business users
  • front-end solutions for end customers; budget calculators, financial simulators, insurance calculators and credit scoring systems
Our experienced, stable team consists of of experts in:
  • business analysis; direct cooperation with headquarters, more than 15 national branches and other agencies
  • technical architecture
  • user experience and design
  • front-end technologies; JS, React and Angular
  • Back-end technologies; Java, C#, Spring, Hibernate, databases, microservices, virtualisation, docker and so on
  • quality assurance; manual and automated testing, Gherkin, Testlink, continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • project management
  • customer support
We apply top security management standards
Along with more than 300 other MakoLab technical specialists
Our financial solutions in numbers
ICO globe
10M+ online
operations performed daily on our financial simulators for Toyota Financial Services and RCI Banque
ICO puzzle
50+ points
of integration in Insurance project
ICO global
40+ countries
where our online financing tools are in use
ICO globe
9 various
banking systems integrated into one solution
ICO webpage
1K+ dealer
webpages globally using our financial tools
ICO car
5+ world-leading
automotive brands
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