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Car damage claim management (PoC)

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Claim Process PC
Assessing the extent of the damage
A quick, preliminary assessment is carried out on the basis of a photo, facilitating the decision to repair the vehicle or write it off. The entire process is supported by state-of-the-art, smart technology:
  • OCR technology for ‘reading’ photos and text
  • self-learning mechanisms for estimating the scale of losses or damage the scale of loss or damage
  • automatic user registration
  • company product and services data search
  • claim valuation on the basis of loss adjustment
The key benefits
A crucial part of the loss adjustment process is automated, providing a stable solution that is available 24/7 and reducing service costs
The process can be adapted to the specific management requirements arising from your organisation’s development policy and regional strategies.
Better use is made of the data and information available, leading to:
  • fast, precise feedback, a shorter loss adjustment time and a more transparent process; these are all factors that improve the customer experience
  • support for the claims adjuster in assessing claims for damages on the basis of the high-quality data held by the organisation
  • clear management information on estimated repair costs, facilitating better decisions on where and how repairs will be carried out or on writing the vehicle off
The unique value of our potential cooperation
Your company
Data on road accident damages

  • photos of post-accident vehicles
  • combining post-accident data and insurance policy data
  • determining / classifying damages
  • real damage valuations
  • piloting the solution
Building an ai/ml road accident damages valuation algorithm

  • training in recognising the scale of vehicle damage
  • automation of the valuations process in real time
  • supplementing the risk model/tariff on the basis of damage experience
  • introduction to fraud detection on the basis of photographed documentation

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