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Financial IT solutions

built to enhance your customers' buying experience
Enhancement of your online sales with the click that makes all the difference.
Informed financing decisions take customers further into the sales funnel and much closer to the transaction.
Provide your business partners with tools that will help their customers make informed purchase decisions.
  • purchase financing simulation with the ability to trigger the crediting or leasing process
  • different finance products supported (credit, leasing, balloon, etc),
  • real-time parameters modification
  • attractive, fully modifiable and multilanguage interface, ready to be implemented on various bank and their partners’ websites
Innovative approach that binds the purchasing product with financial parameters selected by the user:
  • monthly payment
  • downpayment
  • financing duration
Online credit-scoring
Equip your partners with a tool that allows their customers to perform an online credit-scoring check as part of the online purchase process. The tool provides on-the-spot information on the customer’s credit or leasing capabilities, initial or final customer credit scoring, automation of the entire leasing/credit process or selected steps of it and integration with external banking systems or internal scoring engines.
Multi-purpose calculation engines
Bringing together a corporation’s business view and its market-specific needs, our solutions provide a wide range of features, including a user-friendly interface and functionalities with a flexible configuration tailored to the requirements of particular markets. New products and grades are instantly available for financial configuration and there are many more benefits to be explored.
Leasing / Credit Online
Let your customers initialise the leasing or credit procedure from the comfort of their own home.
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Online financing solutions empower your customers by giving them the tools they need to make a decision before visiting your dealership. A person walking through your door will no longer be a prospect but an informed, decided customer. And that’s a game-changer.
Łukasz Kubala, Head of Financial Software Solutions
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Who is it for?
  • full financing information available online, with no need to visit a dealer
  • real-time calculations accompany the customers throughout their online journey
  • customers have the comfort of knowing that they are making an independent, informed decision
  • they can make a personalised car purchase from home
  • enhanced customer trust
  • increased high sales value appointments
  • reduced customer wait time at the final stage of the process
  • efficient planning of sales team time
Financial institutions
  • increased credit and leasing contract sales
  • the automated sales process saves staff time
  • 1-click implementation of changes to financial offers and promotions, either global or for a particular dealer/branch/vehicle
  • 24/7 lead collecting with no involvement from your staff
Still pondering?
ICO globe
10M+ online
operations performed daily on our financial simulators for Toyota Financial Services and RCI Banque
ICO puzzle
50+ points
of integration in Insurance project
ICO global
40+ countries
where our online financing tools are in use
ICO globe
9 various
banking systems integrated into one solution
ICO webpage
1K+ dealer
webpages globally using our financial tools
ICO car
5+ world-leading
automotive brands
Online solutions Case Studies
RCI Bank Case Study - Car - Services
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Background - Toyota Case Study L - Car

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