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Logistics solutions

The digital transformation of your supply chain, bringing you smart, end-to-end logistics,
better results, lower costs, faster operations and delighted clients.

Our expert consultants will provide a profound understanding of your business drivers. Our technology experts will build a customised, user-friendly, effective IT solution to streamline your operations and increase your profitability.
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What makes MakoLab Logistics’ clients so highly appreciative of our services? We combine business and technological know-how to create solutions tailored to their requirements, with the processes and the IT platforms supporting them delivering exceptional value.

We place our extensive logistic and supply chain capabilities and experience at our clients’ disposal. MakoLab Logistics has numerous successful projects to its account in a wide range of businesses that depend on thoroughly efficient logistics and supply chain processes. Our satisfied clients include B2B and B2C manufacturers, retailers, logistic operators and warehousing facilities.

MakoLab Logistics

An A to Z of digital solutions for the entire logistics market
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MakoLab Logistics in numbers

ICO phone setting
5% increase in picking and packing productivity
ICO paper
15% increase in warehouse space turnover
average MPal turnover
ICO car
15% reduction in employee overtime
ICO letters
5% reduction in error level
calculated as an absolute number of loading errors
ICO globe
30% increase in loading potential
ICO hand
40% increase in turnover
annual costs recovered in 3 months
Our logistic success stories
We have developed cutting-edge digital platforms to provide our clients with a frictionless digital transformation of their businesses.
We created an advanced, but straightforward, fast and intuitive application that handles the entire delivery and collection process for one of Europe’s largest packaging manufacturers, optimising the logistical process and making it possible to maintain social distancing.
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Before implementing the GatePass app
Linear operations provided little flexibility
Logistic Linear Operations
Delivery notification was usually carried out via e-mail and involved a group of people from the client/contractor, the transport company and the site service
Carried out via e-mail or even on paper. The availability of warehouse slots and loading ramps, along with any modifications, were also managed via e-mail
The steps at this stage were also recorded in e-mails or on paper
Transport export documents were also provided on paper
After deploying the GatePass app
Logistic After Gatepass (1) (1)
Automation, with full monitoring, means that operations are run independently of other process stages
  • The introduction of automated notification completely eliminates the need to involve a large group of people from the client/ contractor, supplier and recipient
  • Notification is now carried out by just one person from the supplier. The information is pared down to the essentials and provided via a user-friendly form
  • Any modifications to the notification process, such as a delay or the lack of a load, can be entered real-time and at any stage

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