Point-S – efficient tyres sales with Fractus system

Point-S Poland associates over 20 automotive business companies and delivers services to more than 100 locations around Poland. Together with the parent company - Point-S Development – it operates a sales and marketing policy oriented at supporting independent car servicing stations’ business activities. Because of such a strategy, services supported by Point-S offer the widest array of tyre products in Poland.

At Point-S, we deployed Fractus – our original system dedicated for huge enterprises with a distributed structure, that engage through a variety of channels of distribution. The tool was used for the management of sales, warehouses and supply chains, as well as for conducting analyses of turnover, resources, settlements and accounts. Moreover, Fractus supported mechanisms for item returns, maintenance and production that allowed for the processes registration. 

Solutions implemented in Point-S project
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Competences employed in Point-S project
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