Renault – our long-term business partner

Renault has over 130 000 employees in countries throughout the world participating in the manufacturing and sales of vehicles driven on roads across the globe, from cars to railway wagons and farm vehicles.

Apart from projects over the last 14 years delivering Web solutions, we are currently involved in a key project of Renault-Nissan, whose goal is to introduce a global change in the concept of the brand’s online identity.

We participate in a consortium led and coordinated by DigitasLBi, the digital subsidiary of the world’s biggest marketing agency, Publicis. We are proud to be one of the project’s key partners integrating external systems as well as supplying applications that provide essential components of this incredibly complex endeavour. At the same time, we conduct numerous other projects for Renault and are responsible for the functioning of over 50 Renault websites worldwide.

Solutions implemented in Renault projects
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Competences employed in Renault project
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